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Shoutouts Archive (26th June 2019)

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26th June 2019

Neil 20:09

Hi Kristin, Good to hear you enjoy the Shetland webcams but I hope I'm not distracting you from Dan's wonderful webcam here.

Kristin 13:08

Neil. I am fascinated by those webcams! And woo hoo on Dan being able to get a lot of the field mowed, finally!

Neil 11:34

Good Morning Helen, hope oyu have a good journey & stay away, Sorry I haven't got thsoe promised o oyu yet, hankully I hear it's only going to be really hot on Saturday, here.

Helen 11:31

Good morning, all! Away now for a few days. Try to stay cool over there.

Neil 10:33

Good morning All, Good work Dan with the mowing, can you come & give me a haircut too, pl? lol! Are you becoming hooked,Kristin, on the Shetland webcams? As you say it is hardly dark at this time of year, but in the Winter, hardly has time to see any proper daylight!

Dan 09:53

zoom back to 8.54am for a bit o mowin

Cindy 09:02


Debbie 08:37

Good morning

Milly 06:58

Better day,today !

Milly 06:58

Morning all

Kristin 03:47

Helen. I was just looking at a Shetland harbour cam and enjoy that in my evening I can see their morning. Well until the days get short again.

Kristin 03:45

It seems like the time of year to clear out the clutter. In our little mountain town a local charitable organization has a community sale in the spring and everyone donates nice but unused things. I donate and shop. I laugh and think we are all just swapping our stuff around.

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