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Shoutouts Archive (25th June 2019)

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25th June 2019

Helen 23:02

I just looked at the Shetland webcam. It's still very bright up there, puffins standing looking right at me.

Helen 20:25

Oh, Margaret, I had some of that, too!

Margaret 18:12

There were a few things which were suitable for the charity shop but most of it was only fit for the tip.

Helen 12:37

I've just had a big clearout, too, Margaret, and am taking bags of things to the charity shop tomorrow.

Margaret 12:00

Thanks Neil. we are off to do a bit more now. I must say it's very satisfying making more space.

Neil 11:49

Thanks Margaret, I'm very lucky to have a lot of Family care & support,..& determination, but as oyu say a lot of rest, too, when necessary, You are doing well with your project...Good Luck with it's continuation.

Margaret 11:43

I've missed a word out of my message 'as a' Oh well... lol

Margaret 11:41

I am well, thanks Neil. Busy sorting out the shed-cum-garage. Did most of it yesterday and will do more today. The skip is nearly full now. You are doing well after an unfortunate start a baby. I hope you can have a good rest day today. .

Neil 11:15

yes, thanks Margaret, I reaslied that later, ..I'm not so good today, ...rather woozy after a busy day y'day with a BIG Shop, ^ the effects of emningitis & other complications soon after birth, i was told would catch up with me at times., but I'll recover as I have done during the last 67 years. Hope you are well.

Margaret 10:57

Good morning all.... Neil, not a spelling error but a typographical one. Easily done. Enjoy the day

Neil 10:33

....or at least a better day than I seem to be having,...with a spelling mistake already in my previous message!!!

Neil 10:30

Good Morning All, Hope oyu have a Good Day....

Debbie 09:03

Good morning

Cindy 08:37


Milly 05:57

Morning all

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