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Shoutouts Archive (23rd June 2019)

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23rd June 2019

Neil 23:30

Edit! Hmmm! I see, having had it running awhile, the timing & possibly the footage appears to be rather haywire!

Neil 22:34

Hi Helen & Everyone, Although now on night vision the cam seems to be ok to me. I had it a long way back into early evening on r/w & it was gradually ticking as should be, so have now taken the band up to 232215 & still seems ok. Perhaps there was a period I skipped when it was down, in between.

Helen 21:59

Cam's gone down again. Must be weather-related. Yes, Kristin, I hope you get some warm sunshine.he

Kristin 20:40

Oh I wish you could share that, too, Helen. Supposedly we will have sunshine this week. We shall see.

Helen 18:38

I see buttercups in the meadow!

Helen 18:37

It's in the mid 70s here (Fahrenheit) or 24 celsius. Just lovely. Wish I could share it with you, Kristin.

Kristin 15:42

Our weather has been mimicking the farm’s. Many more wet gray days than we normally have. Summer is bound to show up someday. The camera doesn’t like the wet, either.

Helen 13:09

We're having lovely sunny and breezy weather here, not too hot, yet. I hope your storms won't be too terrible.

Neil 10:53

Hi Milly, no me neither, not any really hot weather like we had last Summer!

Milly 09:26

Morning Neil ,I'm not looking forward to the storm's

Cindy 09:14


Neil 07:58

Good Morning Milly, Good Morning All..it looks dry but overcast...I hear we have a stormy week ahead before a heatwave...Have a Good Day...

Milly 05:46

Morning all

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