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Shoutouts Archive (21st June 2019)

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21st June 2019

Helen 23:33

I'm wrong - one is still partying by the cam.

Helen 23:31

23.30 and still light in the sky. The sheep have settled down after their Midsomer party.

Helen 22:41

They are all here and gathering around the cam.

Helen 22:40

22.39 and I see lots of sheep in the gloaming..

Dan 19:53

No problem. you're welcome. If anybody is going to Woolfest later next week, please do come and say hello. We will be on the Soay and Boreray Sheep Society stand along with some of our lovely sheep. [link]

Neil 18:54

Many thanks Dan, much apprecaited,

Helen 17:18

Thanks Dan, so lovely to see the field again, and what lush grass!.

Kristin 16:31

Happy Solstice, all and nice to see the sunshine there!

Milly 16:21

Thanks Dan 😊

Margaret 16:11

Webcam is back... thanks Dan

Helen 14:58

I hope it soon gets dry enough to start haying.

Helen 13:40

No worries, Dan - you have more to think about than keeping us entertained. Good morning all, even though I know it's afternoon by now. Hope you are enjoying the solstice.

Neil 11:34

Good Morning All, Thanks Dan, much appreciated, but we know you are always busy, so no hurry....Perhaps try & train the sheep to do it for you,..particularly those whop seem to take a liking to giving the cam a good lick & butt now & then...lol!

Dan 10:02

Hi all sorry about the camera. Will reboot it later today.

Cindy 09:09


Milly 06:39

Morning all

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