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Shoutouts Archive (17th June 2019)

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17th June 2019

Neil 23:50

perhaps he thinks any time of year is worth a try!!!

Helen 23:39

Oh, that tup is pretty adventurous. Wrong season, but perhaps not for the rare breeds.

Neil 22:45

& attempts to lcik clean the cam lens at other points!...perhaps he's trying to obscure the view of what else he may be trying to do!

Neil 22:44

There's a bit of horse-play, or perhaps I should call it sheep-play at 22 25 57 to be seen! i.e. doing what Rams ususlly try with ewes!...Baaaa!

Neil 22:41

Good to see so much support, Helen.

Helen 21:51

There were two million people on the streets of Toronto today to celebrate our basketball team. No, I didn't go. [link]

Helen 21:49

Hi, Catherine!

Catherine 21:35

Hello Everyone๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ•Š

Neil 20:54

Thanks Milly, I'll try not to do it again!

Milly 16:09

Lol ,Its ok ๐Ÿ˜Š

Neil 11:50

.....& now I've spelt your name wrong!!!..sorry again Milly!

Neil 11:25

Sorry, Millie, a belated Good Morning to you, too, I was busy helping my Bruv whilst he's away, & then busy here at my home before I saw your kind reply.

Helen 11:20

Good morning, all.

Cindy 08:57


Milly 08:42

Morning Neil

Neil 07:42

Good Morning All, still a little wet I see...Have a Good Day....

Milly 07:37

Morning all

Helen 00:49

I think it is Lear's fool in Shakespeare's play that sings: "With a hey, ho, the wind and the rain."

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