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Shoutouts Archive (6th June 2019)

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6th June 2019

Helen 20:47

LOL, Kristin, Lynda lives there! Dan's wonderful Mum, and pretty sharp as a bird-watcher, too..

Neil 20:38

Meanwhile, I've just signed with the Easy Fundraiser via the Lambwatch site, here, & made some purchases via e-bay, so hopefully I've successfully raised a little for Lambwatch. Good Luck...

Neil 20:26

I can hear the Partridge intermittently "click-clicking"

Kristin 19:56

Oh, you must be there. I thought you saw it on camera. I don’t know everybody yet. That also explains why I couldn’t see the gate on camera, ha.

Lynda 19:53

I dont think you would have seen it Kristin... it may well have been just off camera

Kristin 19:53

Darn. I missed the partridge but I agree with Helen the evening color is nice.

Dan 19:52

oo right

Lynda 19:52


Lynda 19:51

it may be on the webcam but I think it was too near the allotment fence to be seen on camera

Dan 19:51

ooo raight.

Dan 19:51

past the webcam orrr

Lynda 19:50

up from the gate of the allotment into the meadow grass

Lynda 19:50

see below

Lynda 19:50

walking by the side of the allotment

Dan 19:50

where abouts did U C it?

Lynda 19:50

definitely a red legged partridge

Lynda 19:49

indeed... have just checked iot on the rspb website

Dan 19:49

a red legged partridge?

Lynda 19:49

I have also just now seen a red legged partridge walking through this meadow

Dan 19:47

There are much fewer buttercups all around this year. I wonder why. I wonder if it was last year's dry summer. But there is yellow rattle in this meadow, but it's too sparse to see on the camera

Helen 16:41

Maybe they will,. Kristin! We get something different each year, so we might see the haying. The field is beautiful right now, golden colour in the afternoon sunshine.

Kristin 15:49

I think it would be interesting if the camera showed this field as it was being cut for hay.

Kristin 15:48

I wondered what a little pecking sound on camera was and then saw a raindrop hit the lens.

Helen 12:52

Looks like a better day today.

Neil 10:15

Good Morning Everyone, the wind sounds a little strong, but at least it looks dry, Hoping oyu're All haveing a Good Day/Night...

Cindy 08:51


Debbie 08:31

Good morning

Milly 06:34

It still looks misty ,but i think its the cam !

Milly 06:32

Morning all

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