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Shoutouts Archive (5th June 2019)

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5th June 2019

Helen 22:02

Good, "B" - glad it worked.

Helen 22:02

Amazing how light it is at 10.00 p .m.

"B" 20:15

Now it's returned to it's own way...

"B" 20:01

Thank you Helen,I think it's worked; the text was VERY small but hit reset(view,zoom, reset) & it became readable again...

Helen 19:33

I have to enlarge mine - which shifts the picture to above the chat.

Helen 19:32

I think, but I am not sure, that if you use Ctrl and the minus sign, you can reshape the page.

"B" 18:05

Can anybody tell me how to move/stabilise the message panel to alongside the image on the Lambwatch page?

Helen 16:24

Forget the 'dangling' "becomes" at the end of that sentence.

Helen 16:23

I see it, Gradon, but looking at pictures of the Dales from former years, I know that buttercups are thick on the ground. However, this field will be cut for haylage as soon as it dries out, I think. That may take awhile!becomes

Gradon 13:54

Hi Helen, Actually I think I do spy a Buttercup at the bottom centre of the screen!

Kristin 13:25

Ahhh, the beautiful meadow. Hello, all.

Helen 12:28

Lovely meadow but if it doesn't stop raining you won't get any buttercups in there.

Neil 09:17

Good Morning Everyone, Many thanks Dan for restoring our enjoyment with your Webcam, Hope you all have a productive day despite the wet weather!

Cindy 08:50


Debbie 08:39

Good morning

Milly 06:09

Very misty

Milly 06:08

I think we are in the meadow

Milly 06:06

Morning all

Helen 01:17

I think we are in the meadow again, but it's hard to tell in the rain.

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