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Shoutouts Archive (2nd June 2019)

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2nd June 2019

Helen 23:31

Those grasses look lovely in the infrared light.

Helen 21:38

I think I recognise this spot. Are the Canadian maples over on the left? Near the lane?

Helen 21:33

Obviously, though, a wildflower meadow.

Helen 21:33

Oh, new view - can't figure out which way we are facing.

Dan 21:22

For those interested, you can see the fleece we've been working on all day, now online, in our Marlfield Yarn shop: [link]

Dan 21:21

It is a wonderful hay field, has Yellow Rattle in too

Susan 20:15

My wild flowers in my garden would look good in the field

Susan 20:14

If you both go on and tap the community tab .the shop is the bottom of the list with LW Shoutouts first.

Gradon 19:38

Hi Helen Maybe, I am watching on a tablet, so it is very possible to have a different layout format!

Helen 19:21

Gradon, my "Shop" link is at the bottom of the page. Our pages must set up differently.

"B" 17:00

Hi Susan , at a guess they are bags taped with black tape ready for shipping..

Gradon 16:57

Kristin,If you click on the shop link at the top of the page, you will see this years shetland fleeces up for sale, half of the fleeces have sold already!

Kristin 16:26

Thanks Helen.

Helen 16:20

Kristin, I think they are sold on line. Check at the bottom of the page.

Helen 16:18

Well, there's Dan, sorting and cleaning the fleeces. A long job.

Kristin 16:17

Oh! This cam view is very interesting! Thank you Dan! Is the fleece sold wholesale or right there at the farm?

Susan 15:53

Just being nosey,,nowt fresh for a Yorkshire Lass.What are those striped parcels leant against the wood please.

Milly 14:05

Morning "B"

Milly 14:03

Thats quite a breeze Dan !

Dan 13:18

While we have lunch you can see our hay meadow coming along, blwoing in the breeze

Neil 09:42

whoops! sorry, ...should be Good Morning!...

Neil 09:42

Goon morning Dan & Family, certainly looks interesting, thank you...

Dan 09:26

Today's webcam comes from inside our fleece production shed!

Cindy 08:51


Neil 08:43

Good Morning/Day/Night Everyone Hopefully a Good One for You...

"B" 05:44

Hello Milly, have a nice day - I'm just off to bed

Milly 05:32

Morning all

Helen 00:35

I looked carefully during today to see what was making the strange images in the infrared lighting. It appears to be large leaves, perhaps of plantain, but something broad-leaved in the vegetation.

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