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Shoutouts Archive (1st June 2019)

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1st June 2019

Helen 18:46

It's clear enough to see the sheep across the valley - lots of them dotting the hillside.

Helen 16:10

Sorry - 'refuge'.

Helen 16:10

I have two sites open at the moment, one with fulmars, puffins and other seabirds crying, and this one with the green grass and the occasional lamb crying. Talk about having windows on the world! It's wonderful, and makes my little flat sound like a nature refuge!uite

Helen 16:04

I hear a lamb.

Helen 15:56

Mistle Thrush making himself heard. Great mimics and quite loud.

Helen 15:10

Yes, there are lamb and sheep noises off cam, as you say, but I'm enjoying the birdsong as I do some housekeeping.

Helen 15:10

There's a bylaw against goats? How odd!!!!

Kristin 14:48

I hear a little lamb talking “off camera”. I agree, Neil, that it is certainly lush and green there. And Helen, if I could have a goat or two here in my little town I certainly would. They are characters. Lots of bird song.

Helen 14:06

I think it's raining. I can hear it, and there seem to be a few drops on the lens. Typical for a weekend!

Helen 13:52

Kristin, you need a couple of goats, tethered at strategic places, to keep the grass mowed. No sheep in site right now but beautiful bird song. I'm leaving the site open so that I can hear it.

Neil 10:06

Tawny owl twoooo...ing at approx1005

Cindy 08:45


Neil 08:09

Good Morning All, Ha! Ha! Kristin, good idea, can you ask Dan to e/mail you some sheep?...just joking, the grass at Lambwatch certainly looks to be very lush & green, no doubt with all the rain they have had over the last few days.

Kristin 05:58

Well here at 5:54 Lambwatch time is only see very green grass, no sheep, which reminds me we finally need to mow our lawn. Couldn’t we import some Lambwatch sheep to munch for a few months

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