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Shoutouts Archive (31st May 2019)

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31st May 2019

Helen 23:58

Well, whatever I'm seeing must just be vegetation. Sure looks like a cat to me.

Helen 23:10


Helen 23:10

Might jsut be vegetation but they certainly look odd.

Helen 22:44

There's at least one small animal in the field that looks much more like a cat than anything. There seems to be another animal, too, but both are keeping very still, so it's hard to tell.

Neil 20:06

Hi Helen, I'll Fb mssge you shortly.

Helen 19:33

I've got four puffins on the puffin cam 2.

Helen 19:32

One sheep at a gallop crossing the field. I wish I knew them by name, but was never good on names, even of my former pupils.

Helen 12:41

Oh, I must be watching "Hen Watch". There are two here, wandering around. Thanks for fixing the camera, Dan.

Neil 11:06

At approx 1103 on...amidst sheep bleating, another egg laid by a hen, or at least a hen startled by it's clucking,...I love thes background farm sounds, reminding me of days, may years ago when I went to stay with my Great Aunt & Uncle each Summer,on their not so small-holding, thanks again Dan & Family...

Neil 09:15

Good Morning All, Many thanks Dan & All for restoring the cam Much appreciated. Helen, I jsut heard 1 bleat...perhaps that was when the cam was being repaired!

Cindy 09:12


Debbie 08:52

Good morning

Milly 06:04

Morning all

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