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Shoutouts Archive (28th May 2019)

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28th May 2019

Neil 22:33

That sounds lovely too, thanks Helen, must away to my bed now, Goodnight, Sweet Dreams when you go. Nx

Helen 22:02

Sounds lovely, Neil. I think this is the most beautiful season in England. Our flowering trees are all out in Toronto now, quite a lovely sight.

Neil 21:31

The layour of Dan's field above & what you have been saying, Helen & Kristin, reminds me very much of our Family Paddock witha similarlayout except that the the third to the right where the land slopes down was & probably stillis fill of overgrown white blossoing Hawthorne at this time of year.

Helen 18:15

The white ones, Kristin, are a wonderful sight, as they grow everywhere in the hedgerows. Taking a train through England at this time of year is just amazing with all the white blossoms.

Kristin 15:33

Thank you, Helen, for identifying the flowering hedge tree as a Hawthorne. They will actually grow here at our high elevation and I’ve thought of adding one or two for bird shelter. Like yours, ours usually flower pink, like a Crabapple. Looks like rain there at the farm. Sheep are hiding.

Helen 11:07

Good morning, all. Pouring rain here.

Neil 09:49

Good Morning/Day Everyone,

Cindy 09:06


Debbie 08:45

Good morning

Milly 07:12

Morning all

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