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Shoutouts Archive (27th May 2019)

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27th May 2019

Helen 21:45

Neil, I have actually seen a puffin on the webcam (2) - first time I've seen one minding the nest.

Helen 21:41

They don't have shelter to go to, though - they just endure the rain. I think it's a matter of following the leader - if someone decides to go south, they all do, and if one wants to go north east, they just follow along. Funny creatures. It just whatever comes into their sheepy heads

Neil 20:59

...& now @205321 more coming in, proably as they realsie it's raining!...Baaa!

Neil 20:38

& now, @2032.51, very definitely a long line back to the right...must be food oor bed attracting them!!!

Gradon 20:21

A very undecided parade now, walked past to the left, then changed their mind and walked back off to the right!

Helen 19:59

Well, of course they're not parading when I'm looking - it's always the way.

Gradon 19:42

Another parade walking past, and have those lambs grown in both height and width, almost as big as their mums!

Helen 18:13

Back to hawthorns - ours are usually a deep pink; we rarely see a white one.

Helen 18:12

Lucky Sue to see the fezzies! I haven't seen them here for ages.

Helen 18:12

I thought so, Gradon, a small "May" tree. Here in Canada we would also call it a white hawthorn, too, but I know a lot of people who refer to it as "May". These trees are so beautiful across the English countryside this time of year.

Susan 17:18

2Fezzie walking right to left on the cam'lovely to see them both

Susan 17:00

And it's a bloody hard job cutting it back.nasty shrub/tree

Gradon 16:48

That flowering bush, Kristin, is most likley a hawthorn bush, which is used in most british hedgrows, it flowers a wonderful white blossom known as May blossom for the time of year!

Kristin 16:35

Hello, all. The rain seems to have stopped. Well, at least the noisy rain. That flowering bush or tree is an eye catcher!

Helen 16:01

Do I see a small flowering bush beyond the tree? Is it a small May? Lovely to see it.

Helen 11:21

Oh, raindrops! Noisy ones, too.

Helen 10:51

Sunshine - great news. Quite windy, as well.

Neil 10:33

Oh! & now the Sun has come out...it must have read my message!...lol!

Neil 10:12

Good Morning All, Another wet one by the sound & look of it...

Cindy 09:13


Milly 06:37

Morning all

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