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Shoutouts Archive (25th May 2019)

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25th May 2019

Neil 22:39

Slight correction on further viewing...Black & white lamb seen walking away from cam @ 223247, followed by Mum & 2 other lambs, Bleeting appears to have stopped so hopefully they are all re-united on this wet night...Sweet Dreams All...

Neil 22:34

I think Mum & Lamb have lost contasct with each other, Just a partial sighting of Lamb at approx 2230..bottom left corner, but Mum seems to have moved away from the microphone. Also Tawny owl heard about 10mins earlier.....Just now at approx 2233 about 3 lambs seen moving away from cam...Let's hope they all find each other soon..Goodnight Kristin & Evetyone

Kristin 22:28

And at 22:24 you have darkness andf a sheep and lamb bleating near camera. Cute.

Gradon 21:17

I spy Sheep right at the bottom R.H corner of the field!

Neil 20:49

Hope all goes well, You are a Buy Bee!!!

Helen 20:28

Hard decisions. I'm off to another commitment, so not much watching here.

Neil 19:56

Hi Helen, Glad you're back safe, sound & able to relish the green landscape again, I'm torn at this time on a Saturday night between Lambwatch on 1 screen & Shetland webcams Beatcroft Social programme shwoing estraordinary scenes fromthe www.shetlandwecams...Spoilt for choice!

Helen 19:42

Hello all - just in from a meeting and traffic not too bad, Neil. Construction everywhere. That's why I like to feast my eyes and spirit on the greenness of this little farm - not a car or lorry in sight, and no orange signs.

Kristin 16:10

Darn. I keep missing the cuckoo, although I did hear the owl a few days ago. I think I am arriving too late in the day with the time difference.

Neil 10:15

Hi again, Folk, I am sure I can hear the Cuckoo again, on & off, in the distance!

Cindy 08:51


Neil 08:39

Goodnight "B" if not too late, & All in "B's" part of the Globe, Good Morning/Dayto Everyone Else...Hopefully your "Traffic nightmare",Helen won't be repeated for awhile....

"B" 06:26

Morning Milly - Good night!

Milly 06:21

Morning all

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