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Shoutouts Archive (24th May 2019)

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24th May 2019

Helen 22:02

Well, I'm too late for sunset but at least I can still see colour (green!). Been in Toronto traffic for the last 90 minutes, so seeing a green field is a huge relief.

Neil 11:11

Good Morning Everyone, Enjoy your day ahead but don't work to hard...

Helen 11:09

Good morning, all. Looks like a lovely day, there. Quite breezy, though.

Cindy 09:08


Debbie 08:47

Good morning

Milly 06:47

It's quite warm here ,at the moment,next week, cooler with some rain.

Milly 06:41

Night Helen ,and morning all

Helen 03:10

Good night and good morning. May it be a great day for everyone.

Helen 00:08

She looks abnormally long. I know it's just the angle at which we're seeing her.

Helen 00:07

Maybe she thinks the light from the cam will keep her warm?

Helen 00:06

Oh, my, she's up close and personal, isn't she?

Helen 00:05

That's a word you hear in England - sounds little less risque than 'naked'.

Kristin 00:03

You’re right, Helen. They do look a little “nekkid” as you put it the other day.

Kristin 00:01

And a sheared white sheep posing close to the camera.

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