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Shoutouts Archive (21st May 2019)

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21st May 2019

Helen 21:23

Goodnight. Thanks. Not just the stock traders but all the North American children who come home from school at 15.30 and get on their computers - and stay there for the evening. I'm sure your message will come through. Did you know that this site has a message system, too, but no pictures..

Neil 21:03

Oh! I wonered what made Fb so busy, I thought it was jsut Private conversations with Folk coming home from work. I've jsut sent another pic from Cliff cam 2, with a Puffin preening itself in the bottom left corner, & other Puffins too but not arrowed this time. Hope oyu don't mind me riring nwo & we'll chat tomorrow, after you have hopefuly recived the Fb mssges & pics. Good Puffin hunting, as gradon says as the evening progresses you should see more of them, & then I'll send you better pics of them from Cliff cam 3 if they appear tomorrow as they did today. Sweet Dreams.

Helen 20:53

Traffic is always heavy right now till the stock markets close. LOts of shares trading between 1500 and 1800 New York Time.

Helen 20:53

Yes, indeed, marsh marigolds. (They grow on the Lambwatch farm, too!) Yes, that's me in a bug net, keep the dratted midges away.

Neil 20:50

Hi, yes, I've Private mssged you as Helen Mary C...perhaps Fb is taking it's time as I've noticed it does as this time of night, due to the volume of mssges I think. I hope I've found you correctly with the cover pic of Marigolds in a wood.

Helen 20:41

I don't see a message, Neil - I'm on FB as "Helen Mary Cameron" as there are several Helen Camerons, one a friend in Scotland.

Neil 20:39

Hi Helen, Sorry for my delay in replying, before my bright eyed bruv saw your mssge. Yes, it wa me who gave you the links, I've jsut replied to you on Facebook, hoping I've found you corectly,with a pic from CLiff cam 2, ---2nd mssge!, & my e/m addres if you wish you e/m me any time..

Helen 20:36

Got them - two within easy distance from the cam! Thanks.

Helen 20:35

Oh, thanks, Gradon. Was it you who gave us the original links? Sorry - I thought it was Neil. I've never seen a fulmar. I'll work out the time for the puffins - I'm across the Pond.

Gradon 20:26

Hi Helen, If I may but in, the best tme to see the Puffins is between 9pm and dusk on Cliff Cam2 or 3, the white birds are in fact Fulmars

Helen 20:18

By the way, Neil, when I look at the puffin cam, I'm only seeing kittiwakes in the daytime. Do the puffins only come and go at specific times?

Helen 20:18

Oh, I think some of them are a bit silly, but such fun to watch. I'm sure they have reasons of their own for racing around.

Neil 20:12

Yes, Helen, I've noticed,...they're not silly, are they...don't like to miss an opportunity of a possible treat!

Helen 19:51

Neil, they do that! They come running because at certain times, Dan or Heather will bring them special treats, and they expect it to happen every day. Or sometimes something just sets them off, and they gallop in all directions.

Neil 17:21

Another mini stampede at appro170140..."There, we thought we were going to be fed...then at approx 1702-03...."No luck,back t the grass!"...Baaa!

Helen 14:54

Sorry "Rocky"

Helen 14:53

I've made it to Boulder and to rocky Mtn. Nat. Pk., but it was late May, one year, and no sign of either snow or fires. Beautiful area.

Kristin 14:16

Definitely, Helen! I’ve had to witness 2 of those from our own backyard over the years. Too close for comfort. Lambwatch looks nice and cozy, though.

Helen 13:35

Oh, dear, Kristin - so sorry. I heard from friends in California with the same problem. Not nice, and too late in the season. Maybe better than forest fires, though..

Neil 13:23

Glad to hear you're able to keep warm, Good Luck with the restoration of power supply.

Kristin 13:18

Thanks, Neil. We can pull out the propane heaters if needed. Waiting to hear from our power company on restoration, first.

Neil 13:16

Hope you manage to keep warm whilst without power, Kristin

Kristin 13:15

Colorado is experiencing a late May snow in the mountains and our power is out. So, I will enjoy your sunny day via my cellphone.

Helen 12:02

What a beautiful day there. Whoops - the sunshine just disappeared.

Neil 09:11

Hello All, amidst a lovely background of calling lambs, sheep & birds...

Cindy 08:50


Debbie 08:43

Good morning

Milly 06:15

Morning all

Gradon 00:07

You were right Helen, there was a flashlight beam focusing upand down the wall at 23.43

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