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Shoutouts Archive (20th May 2019)

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20th May 2019

Helen 23:46

I thought I just saw a flashlight (torch) out in the field.

Helen 21:45

There is a lost lamb in mid-field. "Where are you, Mum?"

Neil 21:37

Good Work Dan, it sounds from the noise they are making at the mo, approx 2136, they are thanking you Dan for your care & devotion.

Helen 21:35

Oh, yes, i can tell that Dan has polished up the lens. Thank you.

Helen 21:35

They keep you hard at work, Dan!

Dan 21:12

2 more ewes sheared today. All sheared ewes in lambwatch field.

Neil 19:15

p.s. Sorry Sheep & Lambs, but thanks "Human" for giving the cam lens a polish so we can see you Dear woolly coated 4-leggeds better!

Neil 19:09

My theory for yestrday's "1712 Gathering" is that theysaw a Human just as they did a few minutes ago, & hoped there was a chance of food!

Gradon 18:18

Just heard the Tawny Owl again! Has he been to day school!

Helen 18:04

Kristin, they haven't been to obedience school yet. Still in kindergarten!

Kristin 15:26

It was funny how she kept going over there like, “C’mon kids. This way!” And the lambs were having none of it.

Helen 13:44

How typical, Kristin! They are so funny.

Kristin 12:26

Good morning. Some naughty little lambs want to play on the wall and not follow Mom.

Helen 12:20

Hello everyone.

Neil 09:14

Good Morning All...looks to be a sunny one...Hope you can enjoy...

Cindy 08:46


Debbie 08:41

Good morning

Milly 06:41

Morning all

Helen 03:10

Another month and it will be light there before I go to bed here. But not yet - it's just past 3.00 a.m. for you, and still dark.

Helen 00:39

No, Gradon, sorry - I didn't hear them. I only have a small laptop and I don't leave it running, but I believe you when you said you heard them. They are quite vocal but unpredictable - one never knows when they will turn up, close enough to hear them..

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