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Shoutouts Archive (19th May 2019)

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19th May 2019

Gradon 22:17

What a lovely clear sky and a parade of sheep passing by!

Neil 20:33

Hi,Sorry, Margaret, but many thanks, Yes, thanks Helen, just slide the cursor "leftwards" along the white line near the bottom of the screen.I often have 2 p.c. logged in, one at the current time to forewarn me of anything worht capturing & the other p.c. to then slide back & forth to capture the pics I like to keep of the sheep, lambs & hens, so far. I thought when oyu told me about the owls, wouldgn't it be nice to have the cance to capture them as well..Did you hear a few "t..twoo" hoots earlier today in daylight, I wonder?

Helen 20:16

Dan, how about Marlfield Meg?

Helen 20:16

Neil, it was Margaret who spotted it first, and I went back to look. Do you know how to run the video back? Yes, you must, if you saw that mob gathering.

Neil 20:14

Thanks Helen for telling us about the "1712 Gathering", whatever their motive, it was certainly very interesting to hear & see them!

Dan 18:38

We had a Marlfield Clove - she was a shetland ewe from last year so even though we could techincally reuse the name due to being different breed, we wouldn't want to as we'd get confused

Helen 18:19

And at 17:12 we get up close and personal with one of them!

Helen 18:17

That certainly is a mob, Margaret! Was there some kind of secret signal that we missed but they recognised?

Neil 18:00

Perhaps there was a sheepish suggestion of food! Baaa!

Margaret 17:20

Go back to 17.10 to see lots of sheep coming this way...

Helen 16:47

The bird song is really lovely. Chaffinch in fine form.

Helen 16:46

I thought of "Clove", too, Kristin. I can't remember if they already have a Clover.

Kristin 16:20

Hello, all. Have you had a “Clove” in the herd before? The two spices are sometimes in the same dish. Lovely birdsong again today.

Helen 13:53

Grammar mistake in that last one - not up to my usual standards early in the morning. Should have been "its mother".

Helen 11:39

Dan, how about "Meg" or "Little Meg"? I met a lamb called "Boo" while I was away - it's mother was "Peekaboo".

Helen 11:38

Good morning, all - while it's still morning for you!

Dan 11:25

Thought about cinammon but it's a bit of a moouthful

Susan 10:20

Dan you could call Nutmegs lamb,Cinnamon

Neil 09:05

Hello Cindy, Hope you're well today.

Cindy 09:02


Neil 08:48

Good Morning Milly

Milly 08:06

Morning Neil and all

Neil 07:25

p.s. I also meantto add thatI like to rise early on a Sunday to listen to the localRutland Radio Farming programme, & it;'s lovely for it to be supplemented by the sheep & birds here, thanks again Dan & Family.

Neil 07:17

Good Morning All,Thanks, Helen for your assurance of the owl being a Tawny, You sighting certainly sounds interesting. I also heard the hooting whilst up latelastweekend but no lucky enough for a sighting, Let's hope the lambs stay safe from any potentional hunting.

Kristin 02:35

Nice news about the surprise lamb! That Nutmeg is a doer.

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