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Shoutouts Archive (18th May 2019)

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18th May 2019

Helen 22:55

Probably a Tawny, Neil. They've been on the farm for years, from what I've heard. I did see them on camera one year, an adult an a juvenile, around midnight, Yorkshire time. A great thrill. They were sitting on the Lambwatch sign.

Neil 21:41

Owl, I guess Tawny, is hooting early tongiht, I'm just tooing to say "Goodnight All"...

Gradon 21:09

Well Done Nutmeg, how about pippercorn, a name for the babe!

Helen 21:05

Good things come in small packages?

Dan 19:06

No name as yet for her and nope we had no clue she was in lamb. She’s only very small herself!

Helen 17:13

How wonderful! Has Nutmeg named her daughter yet? This is just great news. Life is just one surprise after another, and this is a lovely one. Did you even suspect?

Margaret 16:45

Great news on the newborn and I love the name.

Neil 16:35

CONGRATULATIONS Nutmeg & All @ Marlfield Lambwatch...I bet you are all really pleased about your Newborn...Hope little Female Ronnie stays fit & well...& no doubt will keep you all a little busier!...Kep up the Good Work...

Dan 16:15

We have had a surprise female Ronnie lamb born from one of last year's ewe lambs! Nutmeg has had a little female lamb on wednesday.

Gradon 15:11

Aha, there is someone at home, a distant white blob, now two! At the bottom of the field! I can hear someone to

Helen 14:42

Hi, Kristin! I can tell you from experience that they aren't as far away as they look.

Kristin 14:38

Good morning/day. A few tiny white specs grazing far away. Have a wonderful Saturday.

Helen 14:03

Sheep must be off on a Saturday outing.

Helen 11:33

Good morning, everyone.

Cindy 08:50


Neil 07:13

Good Morning Milly, Dan & Everyone, ......

Milly 06:59

A bit cooler and rainy ,today !

Milly 06:54

Morning all

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