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Shoutouts Archive (16th May 2019)

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16th May 2019

Helen 22:02

Thanks, Gradon - great to be back.

Gradon 20:59

Welcome Home Helen

Gradon 20:56

What a lovely sunset complimented by most of the sheep and the song of the Blackbird!

Neil 20:40

Welcome Back Home Helen, hope you've had a Good time & are not too exhausted.

Helen 20:28

Sunset time.

Helen 20:19

I'm home, and missing the fields of sheep, already, Cows, too, but particularly sheep. Saw some pygmy goats the other day.

Helen 20:18

Kristin, that's exactly what happened with our ospreys north of Toronto - they were attracted to the hydro poles at first, and attacking hydro workers who were trying to make repairs, so many people joined together to build platforms, but they still sometimes use telephone poles.

Gradon 16:07

The sheep must have heard you Kristin, as several are now in view!

Kristin 15:37

Hello, all. It looks a little blustery there today and the sheep must be hiding.

Neil 09:05

Hello All, many of you have beat me to the post today, ...can't get the staff to get me here earlier! Hope you're all well & having a Good Day/Night or whenever. It sounds as though you've been watching the Ospreys longer than I have, as i didn't realise about them having first nested ontop of a power pole...Ouch! that would have been shocking if a disaster occurred!

Debbie 08:59

Good morning

Cindy 08:49


Milly 06:44

Morning all

Kristin 03:51

Helen. Yes the ones I watch locally have had a nest pole installed because they originally built their nest atop a power pole. It is 3:48am as I type Lambwatch time and I see a pair of glowing eyes in the distance. Looks like sheep bedding down.

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