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Shoutouts Archive (15th May 2019)

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15th May 2019

Neil 21:30

Do I hear gun shots? Who is the poor target, I wonder?...Hi Helen, pleased ot hear you've been having a good time, hope you have a safe journey back home. The Ospreys in Dyfi & Rutland seem to be making good progress.

Helen 20:05

Hello all! Heading back to Toronto tomorrow, but have seen lots of sheep and migrating spring birds (the trees are not yet in full leaf here - good for 'seeing' birds.)

Helen 20:04

Kristin, I know the feeling - there is something about ospreys that just demands that we watch them - fishing, feeding their young, or nest-building. Glad you have a nest to watch. Like Neil, I watch the ones in Wales, and I think sometimes I find another cam up in the Cairngorms in north-eastern Scotland. We have a lot of them in the lake country here. People build platforms for them on the tops of poles, to encourage them to nest - and they do.

Helen 20:00

I've tuned in just in time to see Heather and her triplets wander across my line of vision.

Susan 16:23

Sheep/lamb just bashed the cam a bit further to the right.

Milly 14:27

Happy birthday Heather 🎂🎊🎂

Gradon 14:01

Happy Birthday Heather!

Gradon 13:59

Neil, You are Sacked! No second thoughts, you have your uses!

Neil 12:55

Hi Kristin, I haven't been told I've been sacked....yet!!!!..I suppose there's still time! Interesting about your Ospreys' returning. I view those at Rutland Water, England, & Dyfi in Wales daily via webcams.

Kristin 12:30

Helen. There is an Osprey nest right by a small lake that I drive by on weekends and I always wait anxiously for the pair to return each year. They have. Good day to everyone at Lambwatch. Even Neil, if he hasn’t been “sacked”

Neil 10:49

...& "yet" another...sack him!

Neil 10:48

Oh Dear! Sorry Folk! Sorry Heather, I've only jsut seen yest another mis-typing below, & yes, Kristin, I was looking straight at it whilst typing this one...must have been too bleary eyed...can't leave me on a BIG job!

Neil 08:58

Happy Birthdya Heather ................

Debbie 08:48

Good morning

Cindy 08:46


Cindy 08:35


Neil 08:22

Good Morning Milly & Everyone, it looks to be another sunny day, I heard on the radio that yesterday was the warmest so far, this year, Have a Good Day Everyone...

Milly 06:35

Morning all

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