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Shoutouts Archive (7th May 2019)

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7th May 2019

Helen 21:14

Neil, I love the puffin webcam - thanks for sharing.

Helen 21:11

GOodnight. I'm going away in the morning, but will look in during the next week or so. Haven't been to Shetland - but have made it to Orkney!

Neil 21:06

Yes, I'm sure we can, Glad I was a help with the Chaffinch. If you would like ot hear a background chorus of seabirds log into any of the Cliff cams on www.shetlandwebcams, dawn & dusk re best, though vary withthe weather, now is a good time, but I'm retiring tonight, Goodnight

Helen 20:55

Well, we can help each other out, Neil. There's a lot I don't know. For years I've been trying to identify the finch sound that you finaly told me was the chaffinch - I have fed chaffinches, but never knew what they sounded like with their song (and my non-birding friends never knew what the beautiful song was that I could hear, when I would visit.).

Neil 20:48

Yes, I also meant to say Well Done Dan & Team with the shearing, &Good for you Helen with your ornithology, I've been an interested bird watcher since about 1960's going on several organised holidays in Scotland, inclduing Shetland, & down in Dorset, & elsewhere, but not as knowlegeabe as you, Well Done.

Helen 20:35

Well done with shearing, Dan!

Helen 20:35

There is a sheep which is not happy with the downpour.

Helen 20:34

Oh, Neil, I've been birding since the 1970s, and back and forth to England, so I've had lots of chances to compare them. Still have an RSPB bird book here in Toronto, in case I spot something I can't identify. Always curious!

Neil 20:12

Oooh! Thanks Helen, it sounds as though you knwo more than I do!

Gradon 20:07

Slight change of subject, would that be willow blossom that has been showering down and covering the grass today!

Helen 19:59

Those thrushes - ours is a turdus americanus, and yours is a 'turdus merula'. [link]

Dan 19:47

6 more sheep sheared today!

Neil 19:41

Hi Helen & Kristin, As you may already know, from the connection of the American Robin, The Blackbird, Robin, SOng & Mistle Thrushes, & others such as Fieldfares are all members of the same "Thrush" family, so they all have similarly related songs & other habits, too.

Helen 19:33

HI, Kristin. Yes, the birds are interesting. Those blackbirds made me laugh the first time I saw them - I was sure I was hearing robins!

Helen 19:32

The racing lambs just make me think of the Campdown races song - Doo dah! All the doodah day.

Kristin 19:22

Oops! Some head butting of the camera going on! Now just lambs playing. Thanks for the welcomes And bird calls advice!

Helen 19:21

Scratching post time - makes me feel as though I'm under attack!

Helen 19:14

They're off - better than Ascot!

Helen 15:18

Those lambs sure can run when they see Mum.

Neil 14:40

Let's hope they don't eat too much lush grass at once & cause their tummies to bloat as I seem to recall our Cade lambs did a few decades ago.

Helen 13:30

Not a sheep in sight, but that grass is sure lush.

Margaret 11:46

Good morning, it's lovely to be able to hear the blackbird

Neil 09:58

Good Morning/Day/Night Everyone whereever you are on the Globe...

Cindy 09:09


Debbie 08:41

Good morning

Milly 07:08

Good morning all

Helen 03:17

Not a sound nor a peep from all those babies.

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