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Shoutouts Archive (6th May 2019)

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6th May 2019

Helen 22:01

A very noisy lamb right near the camera - might even be two, having an argument.

Helen 22:00

Forget "of" in m last post - that truly is a dangling preposition.

Helen 21:59

I did see the one which was only partly sheared. I thought perhaps she was trying out for the role as a lioness, as she had a good ruff. of

Neil 20:26

Many thanks Dan for the update, & in fact for the continual cam & sounds...CERTAINLY THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT I have ever found, I look forward to hearing from you about your DVD I e/m you about b4 the weekend, when you have time, Meanwhile, GoodLuck with the rooing & shearing etc..

Dan 19:07

2 others are ready for rooing / clipping but need to get them first! Though we now also need to wait for dry weather.

Dan 19:06

3 sheep in the LW field are now without fleece. Two were completely rooed and one was sheared. The one that was sheared wasn't 100% ready (the fleece hadn't risen around her neck).

Helen 17:51

HI, Gradon - you could be right, but I've checked the RSPB site for the different calls, and there's a distinct timbre to the calls of the mistle thrush from that of the song thrush. But 5,000 miles away, it's a bit hard to tell unless I saw it.

Gradon 17:30

Hi Helen, I am afraid you are more likely to be hearing a Song Thrush earlier

Helen 16:52

It's maybe not coming down as hard as it was, but clearly quite wet there.

Susan 16:05

Sounds like rain has moved over from Headingley Cricket Ground

Helen 15:03

I hear the mistle thrush - "pretty bird" and other mimicry is part of his standard song.

Helen 14:44

Now I can hear the rain - and the blackbird. Kristin, if you look in this morning, their black bird in England is a close cousin of our North American robin, only without the orange breast. Makes a lot of similar sounds and has a lot of the same behaviours.

Helen 14:42

Oops, I spoke too soon about a nice spring day, as it looks as if raindrops are falling on our lens. Oh, well, at least it isn't snow.

Helen 13:51

Hello Kristin, Neil, Cindy and Milly - it looks like a lovely spring day there, and the trees are just a bit further along than ours (even though we are a lot farther south than you are in Yorkshire.) Enjoy your day

Kristin 13:26

Hi Helen, and thanks for the welcome. Yes, I imagine you are just 2 hours later than I am here. Anyway. We get to see a lot of midday sheep shenanigans! There are some crying lambs now, and my dog sitting here on the couch is growling thinking they are in our house, somewhere.

Neil 11:16

.....& then all of a sudden, as if we were calling them......!

Neil 11:02

Good Morning All, Welcome Kristin, Hope you are all well & have a good time of day/night, whereever you are,...where are all the sheep & lambs, Many to be heard, but not seen...

Cindy 08:53


Milly 06:17

Morning all

Helen 01:22

Not a single pair of eyes sitting within viewing of the camera, but I can hear them all.

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