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Shoutouts Archive (5th May 2019)

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5th May 2019

Helen 18:41

I hear the thrush, off in the distance. Now I know that it's there I will listen for it.

Helen 18:35

Beautiful ewe and two lambs heading for the tree.

Helen 18:35

Hi, Kristin from Colorado - I'm north-east of you in Toronto so I guess you are either one or two hours behind me. Anyway, welcome to this wonderful page.

Kristin 14:51

Good morning, all. (Well I live in Colorado, so it is morning). Like Neil, I have tuned in almost daily but not posted, yet. I got to witness my second lambing season this year! I really appreciate Dan and all for sharing their beautiful farm with us!

Helen 11:22

Good morning, everyone. Have a lovely day. I think we might actually get sunshine here.

Neil 11:15

A rather late Good Morning ALl, Many thansk Dan for truing the cam, I think it's lovely seeing the little lambs chasing each other around the trees,, Hope you all have a Good Day, including the sheep, lambs , hens & singing birds,

Milly 10:18

Hi Sue ,Dan turned the cam for us to watch the lambs play ,on ,near the tree's

Susan 09:20

Morning I see the cam has been knockedto one side.

Cindy 08:55


Milly 06:52

Morning all

Helen 02:20

Goodnight, all, and wee Rowan, too. Sleep well.

Helen 02:19

I can hear them but none visible at the moment.

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