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Shoutouts Archive (4th May 2019)

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4th May 2019

Gradon 21:26

Looks like a beautifull spring evening,seems the wind has dropped though still chilly!

Helen 19:41

That partly-shorn sheep looks a bit odd.

Helen 17:04

I haven't seen a hen for ages. I'm glad they are enjoying the weather.

Susan 16:55

Don't you just love to see then hens scratching the field and running round ,as if to say Spring at last.

Helen 14:16

Your sunshine looks a lot better than our cold rain. I see your trees are coming out, too. It's like November here.

Helen 12:30

Glad to hear about the mistle thrushes. I learn something new every day.

Helen 12:29

Sometimes they run towards the tree with such force I think they are going to land half-way up the trunk.

Helen 12:29

Some of the lambs could get in that race, without cycles, beat the riders, given the pace at which they gallop around the field.

Susan 11:21


Susan 11:21

Dan,Don't forget the Tour De Yorkshire going through Skipton

Susan 10:26

Just had a white lamb clean the cam lens.licked it first then washed it with his /her hoof wool.

Neil 10:26

Many thanks for soem more interesting onfo for our woolly minds to digest, Much appreciated. Btw, can I pls buy a Lambwatch DVD when conveneint, I'll send "Ewe" an e/m if you like,..I see 1 of the lambs has come to the cam screen to try & "serve" me...I wonder if he is growing to be a Ram!..Hmm orry that could have ramnifications!!!

Lynda 10:17

the " balmy breeze " bit should be read at the end

Lynda 10:16

what happened then ?

Lynda 10:16

they are hardy shetlay willl be a balmy breeze for them nd and boreray sheep which are used to harsh northern scottish weather so this wind toda

Lynda 10:13

the sheep that are being sheared today are the male lambs from last year which are called wethers.. with them being primitive breeds , they tend to start losing their fleeces naturally at this time of year so in order to get decent fleeces from them for sale, they have tp be clipped earlier than commercial sheep

Lynda 10:10

Baaa Humbug !

Gradon 10:09

Ok I will let ewe off!

Neil 10:03

OK thanx Bruv, I'm sure a shear slip of the written tounge will be read as sheep rather than lambs!

Gradon 09:55

Sorry Neil,but I am sure Dan will tell you, he will not be shearing the lambs, they are to young!

Neil 09:49

Good Morning Dan, Cindy & Susan, Good Lick with the shearing, Dan & Team, I bet the lambs are getting "excited" about probably feeling so cold after they have been sheared!

Susan 09:45

Morning All,lambs making the cam move like being onboard a ship

Gradon 09:10

Oh shearing time already,Dan,they will certainly feel lthe difference with this current cold weather

Gradon 09:05

No probs Lynda,what is the difference between a few dots and inches anyway!

Dan 08:59

Good morning all, going to start shearing today!

Cindy 08:45


Neil 08:36

Good morning Lynda, not to worry, we all make such mistakes, but thanks to my Bright-eyed Bruv, who put us right, Perhaps if I hadn't stayed up so late, I mayhave spotted your "deliberate mistake"..Ha! ha!, Many thansk for such a SUper site with such beatiful sights & sounds...

Lynda 08:32

............ spot the deliberate mistake ...................

Lynda 08:22

( Actually, I did it on purpose to test you all.... he he )

Lynda 08:20

that should read 2 mistle Thrush "... sorry for passing on misinformation last night

Lynda 08:19

it is the mistkle thrush that is known as the storm cock... maybe I shouldnt post lat at night when its after my bedtime !

Lynda 08:19

morning all... youre absoltely right Gradon... I was getting totally mixed up last night

Neil 08:18

Good Morning Milly, Helen & Everyone, Wishing you All a Good Day ahead, or night if applicable...

Helen 07:43

Good morning! Enjoy the sunshine.

Milly 07:01

Morning all

Helen 00:11

It might be, Gradon, but being a visitor, I learned my British birds from the RSPB birding book, so I never learned their local or dialect names.

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