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Shoutouts Archive (3rd May 2019)

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3rd May 2019

Gradon 23:50

Now I always thought the Mistle Thrush was known as the Storm Cock!

Helen 22:44

Hurray! They are so clever. Big birds - you can't miss them.

Lynda 22:19

yes we have a mistle thrush too

Helen 21:13

Oh, Lynda, thank you so much for the updates, especially about Wispa's offspring. They are so cute. Do you have a mistle thrush as well, on the farm? I've seen them when I've been visiting the UK, loud mimics but fun to watch and listen to. It's so nice to see your comments! thanks for replying. .

"B" 21:03

Wispa was the tup. I you go to the Blog page there is a photo & obituary.

Neil 20:48

Also, very interest to hear about Twix & Twirl...poor Wispa not being able to enjoy here little lambs, but I guess T & T are happy now they have an adoptive Mum.

Neil 20:47

Hi Lynda & Helen, I hope oyu don't midn me butting here..Hmm, sorry, pun not intended, but I'm very interested to hear bout the local name, Storm Cock, & wonder if there is 1 for the Blackbird as it's singing is very prolific.

Gradon 20:46

Amazing it seems much lighter on the cam than it is here in South Lincolnshire!

Lynda 20:38

Helen.. the black twins are Twix and Twirl... they are this years lambs from Wispa... hence the names... a means of carrying on Wispas legacy to the farm

Lynda 20:36

the song thrush is known locally as a " storm cock" as it sings really loudly from the top of a tree in the worst weather... I first noticed it in January but havent heard it for a week or teo.... the cuckoo was calling yeaterday about 5pm local time

Lynda 20:35


Lynda 20:35

my messages dont seem to be posting

Lynda 20:28

we do have a resident song thrush as well as the other birds you can hear

Lynda 20:27

if,. that should read

Lynda 20:27

Neil... is you are still there ...

Helen 20:24

It had help from something wearing a blue earring and two large horns.

Helen 20:23

"As the World Turns" - the camera just shifted slightly to the left.

Helen 20:20

I don't usually watch at this time, but they sure are lively (and noisy!)

Helen 20:17

Those black ones are a lovely pair.

Helen 20:17

Or one of them is, and Mama has just said "Be quiet!"

Helen 20:16

Right now they are in full voice.

Neil 19:43

No, I guess you're right helen, but bet they will soon learn if taught! lol!

Helen 19:40

They probably aren't up on their nursery rhymes, but yes, they remind me of kindergarten.

Neil 19:37

I often see the lambs having a chase around the trees & htink of the tune, "A Ring...a Ring..of Roses", or "Here we go around the Mulbery Bush"...

Helen 19:34

Interference at the camera, and a race around the tree.

Helen 19:30

I think that sheep was saying hello to a human - not Dan, possibly Heather - just a quick glimpse of a head.

Neil 19:30

& I guess the area immediately surrounding the beck is ideal marsh or swamp land habitat for the melancholic song of the Curlew that we hear so often

Helen 19:04

Yes, it is just a beck - we would call it a stream or a creek here, but Gradon hasn't visited the farm and wouldn't know that it's just a little trickle of water in a pretty valley..

Susan 18:49


Susan 18:49

No river just a bec

Helen 18:40

That little black lamb we've been watching shows an inclination to be a bit of a hermit. He's back in that section of the field again, all by himself. What does he know that the others don't?

Helen 18:36

Couldn't tell how many babies - too many legs.

Helen 18:36

Here she comes, announcing herself on the way

Helen 18:34

Oh, I think so. Depending on the wind.

Gradon 18:00

I wonder if is that we can hear so many sheep and lambs at times is due the noise carried over the river from that flock in the distance!

Helen 17:40

They certainly have lots to say right now. Likewise the blackbird.

Helen 17:39

I see them, Gradon, and the cam is so clear I can see the flock on the opposite hill.

Gradon 17:07

The view maybe void of lambs at the mo,but they can just be seen in the bottom far corner of the field running about!

Neil 16:40

Yes, Helen, I noticed earlier that the lamb had moved, What a relief!

Helen 16:27

The black lamb has moved. Maybe just having a lazy day?

Helen 16:08

Mad dash for shelter from the rain. You can sure hear it.

Helen 16:07

Neil, we all muddle along together and learn from each other, and all of us enjoy this beautiful, peaceful site. Some long-time friendships have developed out of this page.

Neil 15:46

Thanks Helen for your reassurance & freindliness, Much appreciated.

Helen 15:45

As for the song thrush, we have a similar thrush here in Canada called the 'wood thrush' with a sound just like a flute, but alas, with encroaching building in expanding cities, it is rare to hear one, as they are deep in the woods, and our woodlands are disappearing.

Helen 15:43

We've been making mistakes on this chat page for over ten years, Neil, and we've all learned to interpret what each one means. No grammar or spelling police here - just be yourself and enjoy.

Neil 14:54

Sorry, yet more mistakes in my previous msge, but thankfully the Black "spec" appears to be moving again! Phew!

Neil 14:43

p.s. ues, it is also a oity we can't edit our mistakes as I notice that once again I mis-typed the word "to" in my earlier messages. ALso, let's hope the lamb is all rightor will be investigated soon.

Neil 14:40

Going back ot the Blackbird song, yes I agree it is beautiful, as is the much more rare Song Thrush, sadly, nowadays..

Neil 14:39

Hi Helen, I may be wrong but would htink the "black spec" we can see is too large to be a Blackbird, & do wonder, like you, if the lamb, if that is what it is is all right

Helen 14:35

I think the black object is a lamb - just raised its head, but it isn't leaving its spot.

Helen 14:23

I love the birdsong, especially that blackbird. I have the volume up high while I work.

Helen 14:22

Is that a small black lamb out there by itself (has been there for a while) or a large black bird. I can't tell.

Helen 13:01

Hello all! How green that all is. We are still struggling to get out of late winter and cold rain.

Neil 10:19

Good Morning Folk, Hope you are all well, I log in daily even if I don't always say anything. I think it's lovely to hear the sheep & lambs all talking ot each other in their different tone of voices, & capturing views of them when in sight, along with hearing the birds too, expecially the Curlew,Many thanks Dan & Team...

Cindy 08:54


Debbie 08:39

Good morning

Milly 07:02

Mum and babies ,sheltering under tree from the rain !

Milly 06:29

Pity we can't delete mistakes!

Milly 06:22

I put my thumb,,where it shouldn't go

Milly 06:19


Milly 06:18

Milly 06:13

Morning "B"

"B" 06:12

Morning Milly.

Milly 06:11


Helen 02:45

Three sets of eyes - must be a mother and two young'uns. I can hear them, too.

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