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Shoutouts Archive (30th April 2019)

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30th April 2019

Gradon 20:52

Thankyou Dan, the cam is going through the scratching trial at the mo!

Dan 20:45

You are right Gradon. But this was a configuration thing. I've turned the audio on now.

Gradon 20:20

The lambs are going crazy now!

Gradon 19:51

Am I right in thinking, Dan, there is no sound on this new cam!

Gradon 19:49

Peggy must have been the sheep that sat under the cam several nights recently did enough this afternoon to set two of the others on a field marathon as well!

Dan 19:43

Helen, I thnk your image may be due to transatlantic transmission all clear this side

Dan 19:42

Gradon - that will be Peggy. She's not in lamb and is therefore full of energy! She was burning some of it off

Helen 19:32

I'm not getting a clear image at all, if this is the new camera. Maybe transatlantic transmission. Hope it clears up, quite literally.

Helen 19:29

Gradon, maybe it was a Mums' fitness class. Children in the nursery

Gradon 19:15

What was happening at 16.49, Sheep running arond the field at full speed, but no sign of their lambs!

Gradon 19:05

Also Many Thanks Dan, for all your efforts in keeping the cams running!

Gradon 19:03

A mini parade walking past and WOW, Those lambs are certainly growing fast!

Susan 18:27

Thanks Dan I really appreciate all your effort in getting the cam back onlne

Dan 18:14

new camera folks

Susan 17:59

Love the picture of the tree it's so clear

Helen 17:54

Dan was just working on the cam.

Helen 17:52

Oh, hello!

Helen 17:52

Thanks, Dan. This one presents a very pixelled image, so that the sheep in the distance look as though they are made out of building blocks, not heads, tails, legs and wool. But it will do!

"B" 17:50

Thanks Dan.

Dan 17:37

Though I may have an opportunity later to get another in place

Dan 17:37

It’s still the old camera I’m afraid so there will be no night vision today

Susan 15:01

Hens having a dust bath

Helen 12:25

Thank you Dan.

Neil 11:34

Many thanks Dan for restoration fo lamb viewing, & Good Morning All....

Helen 10:58

What on earth? Oh, we're in your office? Interesting view.

Gradon 10:39

Oh Dear Dan, not many sheep in your office! Best wishes on getting a new cam!

Debbie 09:50

Good morning

Cindy 09:09


Dan 08:38

It means the camera is broken and needs replacing. I can get a replacement but it’s a faff as it takes a while so I will swap one from the barn for the time being

Milly 07:12

Morning all

Margaret 06:52

Good morning... the shoutout messages have moved again to below the webcam pic..

"B" 06:26

Foggy this morning can only see as far as the tree. A ewe with lamb just passing.

Helen 00:22

So sorry about the infrared - really limits my night-time watching!

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