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Shoutouts Archive (29th April 2019)

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29th April 2019

Helen 18:07

Yes, "B", the reflection starts around 17.34 and goes on for a few minutes. Quite extraordinary.

Helen 18:05

It's a parade - with some shenanigans, and mothers trying to keep the lambs organised.

"B" 17:37

Hope the cam grab catches the present reflection that's showing - never seen the like!

Helen 13:49

Ahhh, that's the problem.

Margaret 09:41

Oh dear, could you get it repaired/replaced under the guarantee? Is it the new one?

Dan 09:40

good morning, thanks for letting me know Margaret - that's not good news

Margaret 09:36

Good morning... after looking through the camgrabs it looks like the infrared isn't working.

Cindy 08:58


Debbie 08:40

Good morning

Milly 07:01

Good morning all

"B" 05:31

Just had a short parade! the lambs grow so fast...

"B" 05:30

Good morning Helen, I agree the re is somthing strang with the camera, it goes totaly black, there should be a light, bug or somthing on the lens.

Helen 05:16

Well, all seems to be in order, but it looked very strange in the dark. Dawn now. Good morning all.

Helen 02:05

No, the camera is definitely askew. We should be able to see the lights of the village, unless there's a black-out. I think we are looking at the ground. We might even be ON THE GROUND.

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