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Shoutouts Archive (28th April 2019)

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28th April 2019

Gradon 23:51

It is just a very dark night!

Gradon 23:48

The Cam seems to be okay, just seen a full view of the night watchman sheep grazing in front of the screen at 23.30

Helen 22:27

Something certainly has happened. I can see part of a sheep at the bottom of the picture but not clearly.

Susan 21:29

Has one of the sheep knocked the cam off.

Helen 17:07

Sheepy and sheepishness are common characteristics on this site. We revel in them.

Neil 15:58

Hi Helen, I don't think they went far, just out of sight of the cam a lot of the time, Yes, I've seen quite a few here over the last few hours...thet are being a bit sheepish in huding from us...Baaa!

Helen 15:31

Well, they're back - from church, or shopping, or picking bluebells. There are quite a number in view now.

Helen 15:29

None where I live, if that's what you mean, Neil, as I'm in downtown Toronto. And I haven't seen any on Lambwatch this morning, or not yet..

Neil 15:17

I wonder if there is anywhere we can post our picture captures, I saw & aptured 3 little lambs having a chase around to Mum's bemusement!

Neil 15:15

Hi Helen, yes many thansk Dan, or whoever for the super clear lins. Helen, have oyou seen any sheep yet?

Neil 15:13

Whoops just lost message I think!

Helen 14:27

As I said, spectacular clarity of lens, a wonderful view, but not a sheep in sight.

Helen 12:42

Thank you for the lovely clean cam. The view is crystal clear this morning.

Helen 12:42

Hello all. It's down to zero right now. Too cold.

Cindy 08:49


Milly 06:46

It feels cold ,this morning, only 4C

Milly 06:44

Morning all

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