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Shoutouts Archive (21st April 2019)

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21st April 2019

Margaret 21:54

Hi Dan, it was fixed for a while but it's gone back to how it was...

Susan 21:02

Now it's a bit cooler the lambs are having a rare old time racing round the field.

Milly 20:09

Evening all

Margaret 19:13

Thanks Dan..

Dan 19:06

I shall fix it in due course

Dan 19:06

I dont know what has happened to the homepage!

Margaret 16:55

I've come home and logged into Lambwatch and the Shoutout messages are not in the same place alongside the cam picture. It is now below the box with Lambwatch Gifts.

Helen 12:35

I hear it's a hot day, and it looks very warm with all that sunshine. Your blackbird is in fine voice.

Cindy 09:54

Happy Easter

Neil 08:08

Good Morning & Happy Easter, Dan, Heather & Everyone, with much more HappyLambing, too...

Margaret 07:58

Happy Easter everyone...

"B" 05:28

Hit send too soon - Happy Easter to All.

"B" 05:24

hear the dawn chorus. Happy Easter

Helen 01:30

Happy Easter, everyone. I've already celebrated Passover with my Jewish friends downstairs. Multi-cultural, that's me. Enjoy your day with lots of chocolate.

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