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Shoutouts Archive (19th April 2019)

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19th April 2019

Helen 22:20

Welcome, Neil! Enjoy this site. I've been here for a long time, and love it.

Milly 21:54

3 or 4 people there

Milly 21:51

Light in the field !

Milly 21:39

Haha 😊

Neil 21:38

That's ok Milly, Pls don't worry about mis-spelling my name...I've been called worse!!!

Milly 21:33


Milly 21:32

Its a great site Neal .i love it

Neil 21:29

Hi Milly, sorry I was a bit confused, thanks for putting me right, & sorry Heather, Many thanks Dan ^& Heather..I really do love the sheep, the hens & the Birds...

Milly 21:22

Hello Neil.its Dan and Heather that run the site ,not me

Neil 20:41

Hello Folk, Being new to here I'm not sure if my first message I left after registering will show up here to thank Dan & Milly, I think for setting up such a Wonderful site, & for my Bruv, Gradon for introducing me to it, Many thanks All

Helen 20:29

She's back, and settling in for a while - I think this is the usual sheep which sits under the cam. Her own personal spot.

Helen 20:19

At 20.17.30

Helen 20:18

Oh, here's one with baby, having a lick. Mostly white with some brown.

Helen 20:00

"B", there is one that sleeps by the camera much of the night. have often seen her, but only a horn, or her ear, or occasionally an eye. Could be your girl.

"B" 18:14

What does Lyssa look like? There was a ewe bay the camera all night at least until 06.00h . Litish colour, dark mussel , light eye patches. I wondered if she had birthed by the camera ...

Helen 17:55

Oh, that explains it, Milly. It was warm here yesterday.

Milly 17:36

Sheep must have gone fot the shade,its very warm today

Milly 17:33

Thanks Dan .

Susan 16:15

Dan what did Heather have n the triplets

Helen 15:09

So - have they all gone out for the day? Not a sign of them anywhere that I can see.

Helen 12:25

Hello, all!

Margaret 11:22

Another name - Toby

Gradon 11:06

Is tha Patch with her lamb on the extreme right of the screen at 11.03!

Gradon 11:00

At 6 53 this morning, there was a parade of 7 mums to be, pass the cam, How many mums have not had their babes yet? Dan

Margaret 10:10

It was lucky that you noticed that Patch was having difficulty.

Dan 10:03

Patch is brown with a white face dark eye patches

Dan 10:02

Patch and lamb are fine

Margaret 09:38

Good morning all... a few suggestions for names - Blossom and Honey or even Daisy and Snowdrop as there are a few white lambs.

Milly 09:10

Is patch the brown one Dan ?

Milly 09:10

Hi Cindy

Cindy 08:53


Milly 08:45

Sorry to hear about Patch.but happy about lyssa.hope all is well now

Dan 07:52

Not sure if I mentioned but yesterday we had to assist Patch with the delivery of her lamb. It was massive and wasn't quite correctly presented.

Dan 07:52

good morning all. Happy Easter. Woke up this morning to find Lyssa has had twins.

Milly 07:14

Happy Easter everyone!

Milly 07:02

All gone now !!

Milly 07:01

Lambs flying about,full of the Joy's of spring

Milly 06:50

Lambs playing already !

Milly 06:49

Morning all

Helen 02:14

I can hear them, though.

Helen 02:14

Too much fog tonight to see much.

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