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Shoutouts Archive (18th April 2019)

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18th April 2019

Helen 20:18

Sweet little babies all over against the wall.

Helen 18:52

This camera location is really wonderful for seeing them.

Helen 17:15

And here come some more, all gathering.

Helen 17:15

Aren't they sweet? How about "Gemma" for a name?

Gradon 16:54

Heather and family just passing at16.51

Helen 15:28

Just don't call one of them Hermione, unless your "Pottering"

Helen 15:27

""Alice" - oh, I have to stop this - I'll be thinking up names all day.

Helen 15:12

Emily? Bess? Have you already got a "Tess"?

Gradon 13:03

How about Shonagh and Florence!

Helen 12:23

How about "Lass" for one? Do you have a "Molly"?

Debbie 10:26

Good morning

Cindy 09:00


Susan 08:10

Which sheep do were they born to and sire

Milly 07:52

Morning all

Milly 07:50

What a out ,,Mia, or Emm,,

Dan 06:51

We have two other ewe lambs (boreray) which will be getting registered. Does anyone had any name suggestions? I’ll try and get lamb photos today !

Helen 04:17

Still there. Guess it's a warm night for them.

Helen 02:32

Two sheep plainly in view near the cam. One really likes the spot right below the light.

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