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Shoutouts Archive (15th April 2019)

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15th April 2019

Helen 22:29

That's the cutest lamb. Don't tell me they don't know they are on candid camera. He knew that was the VERY SPOT to do a little dance.

Margaret 20:55

Loved the jump It was blurred on the camgrab

Dan 20:54

that was Myrtle's lamb

Dan 20:54

zoom to 20:53:30 for a skippy lamb lol

Margaret 20:54

Lamb at 2053

Dan 20:33

Good evening all. Still noooo new lambs.. Long waitttt.t

Milly 18:37

Sheep eye at the cam

Milly 16:31

I can hear a lamb, ut can't see it

Milly 15:41

It was Helen 😊

Helen 14:03

It was funny, wasn't it?

Milly 13:53

Wow that was a parade !

Helen 13:45

They are coming back now.

Helen 13:45

Leaping lamb just around 11.35.55 - he does a little pirouette right in front of the camera. As if he knows we're watching.

Helen 13:38

Thank you for confirming what I thought I saw. I wasn't quite awake, but was pretty sure that that was what I had seen, plus leaping lamb near the end.

Milly 13:34

Thanks Margaret i will have a look.

Margaret 13:15

It's worth going full screen to see them..

Margaret 13:07

If you use the cursor and go back to 11.54 there is a parade of sheep and lambs going across the field.

Dan 13:07

They do parade in that direction following the matriarch

Helen 13:05

Maybe I was watching old tape, but just as I tuned in there was a parade of sheep and lambs from behind the camera on the right, and straight across the field to the upper left. It looked like a parade. It happened quite quickly.

Milly 12:05

I must be looking at the wro g time Helen the field us empty when i look in

Helen 11:57

Breakfast time for me....

Helen 11:57

Did I see the triplets? I thought so.

Helen 11:56

And a leaping lamb.

Helen 11:56

I seem to be watching a procession of sheep heading down field.

Milly 11:18

Lovely birdsong

Cindy 09:09


Debbie 08:58

Good morning

Milly 06:54

I'm sure the lamb's are looking forward to it, as well.

Milly 06:52

Morning all

Milly 06:52

As Dan said,warmer by Thursday 😊

Milly 06:50

We have some warmth coming at last, the horrible wind from Scandinavia, is bitter .

Helen 02:16

We're having a thunder storm, the end of a big system that has wreaked havoc in places in the USA. Just rain here.

Helen 02:15

Several sheep in front of the camera as I look in, before heading off for the night.

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