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Shoutouts Archive (14th April 2019)

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14th April 2019

Dan 20:42


Dan 20:40

she;s chewing her cud

Dan 20:38

Here is Heather with her triplets. Been spending the nights indoors lately due to the horrible cold nights.

Dan 20:08

nice scene tonight

Dan 20:05

No more black ones as yet Susan - just the first two are the darkest.

Helen 19:48

That's good news about the warmth.

Susan 19:06

Are there anymore Black lambs born please

Dan 19:03

The warmth is coming on Thursday thank goodness­čśŁ

Helen 15:06

I love that blackbird. He's in pretty good voice!

Helen 14:44


Susan 14:43

Wow how proud you must be.

Dan 14:19

5 ewes have lambed, Meg has twins, Winnie has twins, Mel has twins, Myrtle has one, and Gizmo has one. Heather has triples and is in a different field getting special attention

Helen 14:10

Sweet little black lamb.

Helen 14:10

They are very articulate this morning!

Helen 14:08

Thanks, Heather. So you will be busy for a while yet! I've left the site open while I'm doing some cleanup here, so I hear them coming and going, but have seen few lambs from your rare breeds, so thanks for letting me know there are more to come! HUrray!

Dan 13:37

Hi Helen, it's Heather - just popped into Dan's office and saw your message. We have 12 left for sure, as we don't think that Peggy is in lamb

Helen 13:33

How many ewes are left to lamb, Dan?

Dan 13:01

There have been no new lambs for a good few days now

Helen 12:43

I hear the curlew - first time!!

Helen 12:42

They have probably found a place out of the wind.

Helen 12:23

Hello sheep, right in my face, without a lamb. I don't know your name.

Helen 12:22

Well, there they are, having a munch and some strategically placed hay. How nice.

Milly 09:48

They have come out from under the Duvet !!

Milly 09:46

I see a.few sheep and lamb's

Cindy 09:18


Milly 08:53

No sign of anything

Milly 07:33

Morning all

Helen 03:36

Moon's out, and quite bright. Must be close to the Pascal full moon next week. Sheep are asleep or gone to shelter somewhere.

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