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Shoutouts Archive (12th April 2019)

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12th April 2019

Helen 19:57

Lots of sheep. Do I see a black lamb?

Milly 16:03

Back later 😊

Milly 16:03

Time to put tea on

Milly 15:59

She was only a few day's old

Milly 15:58

I always remember her jumping over the straw, in the clip

Milly 15:55

Thanks Dan,,,,oh yes i remember

Dan 15:54

She then went up to Scotland with a few friends to make a new flock last year: [link]

Dan 15:54

Flo had a lamb last year with us yes Milly, a cross breed, as she was related to our tup.

Milly 15:52

LAmb climbing over mum

Milly 15:44

Has Flo had lamb yet Dan ?

Milly 15:43

Keeping him warm,its cold today,isn't it

Milly 15:41

Oh i can't see the lamb

Dan 15:37

a little boy Boreray

Dan 15:37

that;s Fern, with her lamb.

Milly 15:37

Sheep on the left,been there awhile

Milly 15:26

Lovely birdsong

Debbie 14:59

Lots of sheep and lambs passing by at 14.57.

Helen 14:41

They've all gone off for the afternoon now. No sign of them.

Margaret 13:13

A mother and two very lively lambs passed by the cam at 13.12....

Helen 12:34

Which sheep is it with the lovely brown spots on her face. She's still in view with two lambs, I think.

Helen 12:33

Lens cleaning!

Helen 12:32

Heather and Dan in the field, Master Rowan, too..

Helen 12:32

Well, there's a chook, and there's a large sheep and lamb just to my left. Lovely face on Mama.

Helen 12:10

Hellow, all. Something has fallen asleep to the bottom right of the camera. I just see a shoulder.

Cindy 08:52


Debbie 08:39

Good morning

Milly 07:37

Off into the next field !

Milly 07:31

Something moving over the far side

Milly 07:22

Nothing in sight !

Milly 07:21

Morning all !

"B" 05:37

Dawn Chorus ...

"B" 05:14

Mum & baby up early.

Helen 03:47

Tow sheep very close by. Not just eyes, but whole body visible. Lamb, too.

Helen 01:17

It's great fun coming on here at nearly 2.00 a.m. your time and finding a woolly beast right in my face. I think this must be the scratching post.

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