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Shoutouts Archive (11th April 2019)

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11th April 2019

Helen 20:45

Maybe more lambs than I counted - hard to tell at this time of the evening.

Helen 20:44

"B", I'm glad you stayed. Otherwise, if you were still in the UK, you'd be dealing with you know what.

Helen 20:43

Ten or eleven sheep and lambs within view in the gloaming. Lovely.

Gradon 19:39

What a beautiful british spring evening sheep and lambs a plenty and the full song of a Blackbird in the background, followed by a screen lick!

"B" 19:35

Yes, I'm that old! I didn't come to Canada until 1965 - temporally, to work...

Helen 19:07

Did you really, "B"? Are you old enough to remember the coronation of our present Queen, when the tape had to be flown across the Atlantic so CBC could broadcast it to Canadians about 10 hours later? I know there's an underwater cable, but satellite is much better. My picture is excellent now.

"B" 18:21

I'm in Winnipeg & worked at CBC , a lot of the feeds are via satellite now .

"B" 18:16

When I hear the name Harriot I think of Harriot & the matches in Strewell Pieter...

Helen 17:37

And another.

Helen 17:37

Here comes a lamb in a hurry.

Helen 15:55

Picture is brilliant now. I bet the WIZARD tweaked something!! However, there are no sheep in view. And it's snowing in Toronto.

Helen 14:08

So, having grumbled about it, I have a stellar image now!! Can see sheep and tree branches and everything.

Helen 14:07

OK, Dan - that must be it. It only happened in the last few days, so I wondered. I've always had a very clear picture..

Dan 13:07

It's amazing really: [link]

Dan 13:06

I think it could be transatlantic communication Helen - the feed is being broadcast OK from this side

Milly 11:31

Its very clear here Helen, but the sound is a bit low

Helen 11:25

I see one white blob inn the upper left, but have no idea what it is - hopefully a sheep.

Helen 11:24

Good morning, all. I continue to have a very blurry image. I guess it's the sheep licking the lens. I'm not getting a good 'feed', either - it just goes round and round. Maybe transatlantic or weather problems?

Debbie 08:53

Good morning

Milly 08:17

Someone in the field !

Milly 07:43

Vicar *

Milly 07:42

The local vicor

Milly 07:41

Harriet !i was watching one in "Emmerdale "

Milly 07:33

The lamb's don't appear to like frost !

Milly 07:26

Morning all, and its a cold one,-2

Helen 00:13

Thanks, Margaret - I just caught it as I tuned in. Glad to hear about Harriet! Nice name.

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