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Shoutouts Archive (9th April 2019)

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9th April 2019

Milly 21:11

Alls quite now

Margaret 20:12

Okay Milly....

Margaret 20:11


Milly 20:07

Back later

Milly 20:06

It was Margaret

Margaret 19:52

It's wool was gorgeous wasn't it?

Milly 19:50

The sheep attracted to the cam !

Margaret 19:47

Two express lambs.. running to the cam...

Milly 19:45

Lovely sunset too!

Margaret 19:44

Thanks Dan..

Helen 19:35

Sunset! Wow!

Milly 19:00

Its a lovely scene

Milly 18:58

Thanks Dan

Milly 18:44

Much better 😊

Milly 18:41

Thank you

Milly 18:40

Ah yes its better

Dan 18:40

bit better, appen

Dan 18:40

there, that's with the light controller to ON

Milly 18:39

You know whats best Dan

Dan 18:39

ill change it so you can see

Dan 18:38

i can change it but it tends to wash out the sky

Dan 18:38

It's the bright sky at this time of day sends the balance of the camera a bit off

Milly 18:28

Ah the clouds have moved

Milly 18:26

No Margaret it is a bit dark

Margaret 18:26

The pic is quite dark... or is just my lappy?

Milly 18:24

The lambs are off !

Helen 16:40

Wonderful. Thank you.

Milly 16:34

Oh great ,thank you 😊

Dan 16:33

in the sunny evenings.

Dan 16:33

Just tweaking the angle so you can see the side of the field where the lambs run

Milly 16:32

Busy again

Milly 16:29

Hi Dan

Milly 15:06

Oops,, every day !

Milly 15:06

Same here Sue,went to Bournemouth last week,it rained

Susan 14:17

Afternoon just got back from a couple of days away,cold and miserable where I was.

Helen 13:21

Getting a very pixelated image on cam this morning but I think it's the transmission of the image. Even the lamb was checkered.

Helen 13:20

Hello, all! How is Heather's nursery?

Milly 09:25

It is ,very

Milly 09:24

Morning Dan

Dan 09:24

It is cold isn't it.

Dan 09:24

Good morning

Milly 09:23

Today *

Milly 09:23

It needs to warm up,the winds very cold tuday

Milly 09:21

Can't wait to see them all,running round the field !!

Cindy 09:09


Debbie 08:50

Good morning

Dan 08:46

1 x Boreray lamb born in the night - Fern's

Milly 07:22

Morning all

Milly 07:22

They are very small

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