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Shoutouts Archive (8th April 2019)

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8th April 2019

Helen 22:12

They are so small!!

Helen 22:11

Ahhh - a little nursery care for a while. I'm sure you all make good nursemaids. Hope they will be OK

Dan 22:11

Cmon little lambies let mum have a rest

Dan 21:31

We've had to bring Heather indoors with her triplets, she's struggling with them a bit,

Helen 21:20

Good news about Mel's lambs.

Helen 21:19

Sheep with horns right in front of the camera. I don't know them well enough to say who.

Margaret 19:34

The cam is moving slightly....this sheep has something against the cam

Margaret 19:32

Could do with another pole in front of the cam so the sheep can scratch that i

"B" 17:21

Hens going home , for tea!

Dan 14:17

Two males!

Dan 13:03

One very large lamb so far, probably male.

Dan 13:03

Mel's just lambed to the right of camera.

Helen 12:52

I have faint sound but very little. And it's just a hint of the wound of wind. I suppose if a lamb came up to the cam and cried, I might hear it, but it seems very quiet.

Margaret 12:02

Good afternoon. Helen, I have sound... it's a bit breezy so can hear the wind.

Helen 11:29

Am I correct in saying that there is no sound?

Helen 11:27

Good morning all.

Cindy 09:01


Debbie 08:45

Good morning

Milly 07:44

Morning all

Milly 07:44

Thanks Dan for everything you do for us 😊

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