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Shoutouts Archive (4th April 2019)

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4th April 2019

Helen 21:53

Re: the discussion about Precipitation: for us in Ontario, sleet is harder - not quite like hail but harder than wet snow/rain mixed. It will bounce off your window screen when you're driving. Now - so happy about the big healthy lamb. Congratulations to Myrtle.

Milly 17:02

Done *

Milly 17:02

Well dpne Myrtle !

Dan 16:38

Myrtle’s lamb is a big male.she has a habit of making big males!

Milly 16:29

We do."B"

"B" 15:58

We called "mixed precipitation". "Sleet."

sarah 15:03

Afternoon all thanku for the birthday wishes x

Helen 14:12

Beautiful green grass, at least, and not a sign of sheep, through the well licked lens. Glad the lambs are healthy.

Gradon 11:54

Even better shot of them at 10.33am

Gradon 11:45

Happy Birthday Sarah

Gradon 11:44

Spotted! At 10.25am on the extreme right,2 lovely little Shetland lambs!

Cindy 09:06

Hello - Happy Birthday Sarah. xx

Milly 08:57

Happy birthday Sarah 😊🎂

Debbie 08:45

Good morning

Margaret 08:33

Happy Birthday Sarah

Dan 07:44

Yep all healthy so far

Dan 07:44

it was definitely mixed precipitation...

Milly 06:10

Morning all

Helen 00:27

Hope that was a healthy birth. Miserable weather but at least not really cold if you're getting some rain. We call that "mixed precipitation".

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