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Shoutouts Archive (31st March 2019)

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31st March 2019

Helen 20:34

Date very clear here, and an interesting sky of grey, black and white. I missed the sunset.

Susan 19:29

picture and date very blurred

Helen 19:26

It looks lovely from here. Thank you.

Dan 19:16

Still seems a bit iffy

Dan 19:13

Done it (just need to water and sheep proof it)

Margaret 18:37

Okay Dan...

Dan 18:37

Ah it's gone again. I will fix it up after tea.

Dan 18:37

Yep, the highest of tech. lol

Margaret 18:34

You trying it I mean

Margaret 18:33

Our weather has always been a problem - that and the wind. I can remember trying the mike in a paper cup

Dan 18:32

not really, just a faff, and i need to weather proof the new connection. that's the most difficult part

Margaret 18:32

Thanks Dan..

Dan 18:32

awww congrats to her

Margaret 18:32

Will that be a big job Dan?

Margaret 18:31

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers and especially new Mothers. My great niece had a little boy yesterday.

Dan 18:31

It's a bit laggy but better than nothing. I need to completely redo the connection to fix the laggyness

Margaret 18:29

Thanks Dan... it's been missed

Dan 18:21

Our webcam is now back online!

Helen 13:39

Happy Mothering Sunday to those who are celebrating.

Susan 12:26

April fools day tomorrow//

Cindy 09:06


Milly 06:58

Morning all

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