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Shoutouts Archive (30th March 2019)

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30th March 2019

Helen 21:48

No signal but a large woolly something or other parked under the cam!!

Margaret 16:32

We have no signal

Helen 14:23

Once, when I was visiting Glamis (on a tour) I had a chaffinch eating out my hand. He actually tried to steal my whole sandwich!

Helen 14:22

Thanks, Gradon, I hear him, and suddenly put it together - yesterday's call was just a bit different and shorter than his usual longer call. Being in Canada is a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to identifying your lovely birds - I really appreciate your help with this one. I knew it had to be one of your finches.

Helen 14:19

The sheep are all in hiding! I know - they are over the hill and down the other side. I hear the chaffinch, though, and that's a treat.

Milly 11:44

Yes thanks Gradon .

Gradon 11:21

Lovely to here the dawn chorus this morning, including the call of a Curlew,despite the mist!

Gradon 11:19

Milly, Dan did say yesterday, all the lambs born so far, have been moved into a field out of sight, the sheep we see now, will start lambing in the field this next Wednesday

Gradon 11:14

Helen, the bird call you were trying to identify yesterday yesterday was a Chaffinch, he is calling again this morning!

Milly 10:19

I looks like all the lambs ,that were born,are in another field !

Cindy 09:09


Milly 06:38

Very misty again .

Milly 06:37

Morning all

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