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Shoutouts Archive (29th March 2019)

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29th March 2019

Helen 20:08

Oh, they love licking the lens. It's like having your face washed if you are actually watching when it happens.

Gradon 17:41

The smearing of the lens is also due to sheep sniffing and licking the lens!

Gradon 17:38

You can just hear a lost lamb in the background amongst the birdsong!

"B" 17:18

think someone is adjusting camera.

"B" 17:17

Lots of wooy sheep checking out the camera.

"B" 17:11

Susan, the blurring in the picture is caused by the refraction due to the light source(sun) & the humidity, mist.

Helen 16:32

I hear a bird I cannot identify sounding like "Jiminy Choo choo. Must be a finch of some kind, as he varies the call.

Helen 16:30

They are moving away, now.

Helen 16:28

Oh, my, so many sheep!

Cindy 09:09


Susan 08:40

How come the picture from the cam is blurred.happened yesterday as well

Debbie 08:34

Good morning

Milly 06:31

Its a misty morning!

Milly 06:10

Morning all

Milly 06:09

There's a rabbit hoping around

Helen 00:31

Are the curlews back on the farm? I tried to hear them tonight but couldn't. I hope they have returned.

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