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Shoutouts Archive (27th March 2019)

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27th March 2019

Margaret 22:26

Thanks again for allowing us to see so much of the sheep with their lambs and also the cam being at low level. It's appreciated.

Margaret 22:26

Okay Dan... I'm away too as soon as the news is finished. Night night

Dan 22:25

think im going to go to bed now Margaret. Night night

Margaret 22:22

Yes it is lovely

Margaret 22:22

I hope the weather will be as good but maybe not quite so hot..

Dan 22:21

look at the crimp in that fleece you can really see it. she has a lovely fleece

Dan 22:21

ah - this is Heather the sheep - you can tell because she has a tuft of wool on top of her head and has red tags

Dan 22:21

Yes Margaret - though we will see how much we process into yarn this year. We will see what we are able to collect and decide then :O)

Dan 22:20

Another incoming curious sheep - i think it may be daisy

Margaret 22:20

Will you and Heather be collecting, washing and spinning the yarn again

Dan 22:19

Yep, it's quite hard to get the timing right, as they all start shedding at different times.

Margaret 22:18

A bit like beach combing.. searching the field... easier for you to take it straight from their backs.

Dan 22:18

They are in a field with a lot of brambles and vegetation, so a lot is getting snagged in that. But that's OK. That's how it's supposed to come off, naturally.

Dan 22:16

If we can find it and it's not ruined yep

Margaret 22:16

Do you collect it?

Dan 22:16

The tups have already started to shed their fleece

Dan 22:15

yup lol

Margaret 22:15

The mum's I mean...

Margaret 22:15

Especially with their woolly coats.. lol

Dan 22:14

Cold is OK. They can snuggle up to their mums and stay cosy

Dan 22:13

they are very good at finding good lambing spots, sheltered from wind and rain

Margaret 22:13

It's due to go colder from the weekend but nothing too bad

Dan 22:12

Unless the weather really turns horriffic, which i don't think it is forecast to.

Dan 22:12


Margaret 22:12

Will they all lamb outside?

Dan 22:11

but i don't think Peggy is in lamb, so that makes 19

Margaret 22:11

Bless them

Dan 22:11

we have 20 little sheep to lamb

Dan 22:11

the little sheep

Dan 22:11

yep that's the ones Margaret

Dan 22:10

or should i say the sheep who have not yet lambed are due to lamb on the 3rd April #sheepnotpolitics

Margaret 22:10

Are they the ones in the field.. the rare breeds?

Dan 22:10

The remaining sheep are due to lamb on the 3rd April

Dan 22:09

Yes i should imagine they will sleep well tonight!

Margaret 22:09

Best thing too Dan

Dan 22:09

I just stick to sheep.

Margaret 22:09

I should think Howard and Lynda are relieved that all the sheep have lambed.

Dan 22:09

It's all a nonsense. #

Margaret 22:08

I think these 'silly votes' are too much for everyone...

Dan 22:07

On their feet already.

Margaret 22:07

Thanks Dan... you have answered all questions

Dan 22:06


Dan 22:06

The last one came during these silly votes. Obviously too much excitement for the ewe.

Dan 22:06

All of Howard's sheep have now lambed

Dan 22:00

Topaz is transfixed by the infra red lights on the camera lol

Dan 20:41

The camera is right in the middle of the field this time so the sheep are going to be more curious initially

Gradon 19:03

The Sheep before Daisy was giving the cam a thorough licking, she had a spotted face!

Dan 18:59

that there is Gaynor

Dan 18:59

this is Jasmine

Dan 18:58

hi thora

Dan 18:58

This is Thora, in the middle

Dan 18:58

that in the bottom right is Heather (red tags)

Dan 18:57

This is Daisy

Gradon 18:51

The sheep are giving the field cam a thorough christening right now!

Dan 17:41

thora is kissing the webcam already

Milly 15:09

The last sheep is in and out of the pen ,i think she's just hoping !

Milly 14:23

Both sheep in pens now

Milly 14:22

Cam much better,thank you.

Margaret 12:00

Thanks Dan for lowering the cam ...

Margaret 11:30

Anyone who checks out the Camgrabs Showcase and sees a camgrab that doesn't seem to have anything to see, please click on it to see the whole pic.

Helen 11:02

I see there was a new arrival overnight! Good morning, all!

Milly 09:24

Morning Dan

Milly 09:24

Wow it is a big lamb!!

Cindy 09:05


Margaret 08:52

No wonder there was only one Lynda... plus it needing help

Debbie 08:45

Good morning

Lynda 08:42

Its a donkey, not a lamb !!!

Margaret 08:27

Yes, the ones we have seen previously have been twins or even triplets

Milly 08:25

Thanks Margaret.i can only see one lamb

Margaret 08:13

4.21 Howard went to the sheep to assist and the lamb was born at 4.23

Milly 07:32

One to go !

Milly 07:31

Looks like new lamb's !

Milly 07:26

Morning all

Milly 07:25

Good to hear Dan ,its going to be a busy time for you and Heather .

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