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Shoutouts Archive (26th March 2019)

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26th March 2019

Dan 20:56

im feeling better today thank you

Helen 20:46

Dan, I hope you are on the mend? Thanks for the camera.

"B" 19:15

Thank you Dan, hope you are feeling better, a bad time to feel under the weather.

Dan 18:27

Managed to get the outside camera back online

Gradon 12:14

Thankyou Margaret, that later time the shots were better

Margaret 12:06

Thanks Gradon... I just managed to get to the time you said and my internet went off but I've just managed to see the mum and lambs before it falls off the end . There was another short shot at 8.20.

Gradon 11:13

If anyone plays rewind and approx 8.18 there is a wonderful shot of mother and her two lambs in the field at the feeding troughs

Helen 09:53

Good morning, everyone.

Margaret 09:51

I understand... you have given us a good idea of when they may have their lambs.. Thanks Lynda

Lynda 09:20

I think its a bit unlikely Margaret... they look as though they may go a couple of days yet but I cant say for definite

Debbie 09:15

Good morning

Cindy 08:49


Margaret 08:32

Thankfully, the weather is looking good this week for Dan and Heather's sheep to lamb.

Margaret 08:30

Could the last two sheep lamb tonight Lynda?

Lynda 08:28

lots of new life at Lambwatch HQ !

Lynda 08:27


Lynda 08:27

n and Heather will be starting with the lambing of their primitives

Lynda 08:26

Yes.... two left to lamb now

Milly 07:26

Morning all

Milly 00:29

Yes i think so Helen.

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