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Shoutouts Archive (25th March 2019)

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25th March 2019

Helen 23:37

Still two of Howard's sheep to lamb?

Milly 20:37

Aww ,thanks Dan😊

Milly 18:59

Get well soon Dan 😊

Helen 18:44

Oh, dear! You picked up something nasty? So sorry. That is not fun. Be well soon.

Gradon 18:28

Sorry you have not been well Dan, though images of the top field are now showing!

Margaret 18:25

Sorry you haven't been too well Dan.. I hope you are feeling better now.

Dan 18:09

sorry not been able to gte the outside camera going ive been a bit poorly last 24 hours

Milly 17:45


Milly 17:26

All raci ng found the field

Milly 17:24

I'd love to see them outside !

Helen 14:50

It looks as though they have gone outside now.

Helen 13:42

They have lots of space to roam in, all by themselves. I can see the darker one, investigating things.

Margaret 12:35

...... as far as I could tell from camgrabs but it was difficult to see very well as they were tucked up in the corner

Margaret 12:32

They were born in the early hours, around 4.30 to 5.00 a.m.

Margaret 12:31

They are still there Helen..

Helen 12:31

Oh, I see them now, little legs under Mummy.

Helen 12:31

There's Howard.

Helen 12:30

Thanks, Margaret. I don't see them now so perhaps they've been moved? I can hear one, though.

Margaret 11:45

Yes, they are Helen

Helen 11:37

Good morning. I see two lambs - are they the new ones?

Milly 09:53

Much warmer today !

Cindy 09:03


Debbie 08:51

Good morning

Milly 07:04

There's a light one and a dark one

Margaret 07:03

Second lamb born around 4.53 but a little difficult to tell properly

Margaret 06:53

I've gone back to see Milly so am now waiting for the second lamb to appear

Milly 06:52

I see two lambs

Milly 06:50

Morning Margaret and all

Margaret 06:46

Good morning, lamb born at approx. 433 a.m.

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