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Shoutouts Archive (24th March 2019)

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24th March 2019

Dan 21:28

3 left to lamb - i am not sure if this has been said already

Margaret 19:15

It's working up to it Milly.. The sun is quite warm - it's just that wind that needs to sort itself out. lol

Milly 19:02

Ive been freezing all day.Margaret,...Is this spring?

Margaret 16:06

By 'eck you're right there Milly...... lovely in the sunshine if you can escape from the wind.

Milly 15:21

Bye eck its cold out there 😨

Helen 11:29

Good morning - it sounds as though I missed some excitement.

Margaret 09:35

Not to worry Dan...

Dan 09:35

i'm not sure. o dodm#t see anything as was pushing out the zzzz

Margaret 09:34

That would be good. Just curious as to what it was that was on the floor after the triplets were born.

Dan 09:33

while i fix the camera, i will try to get it moved a bit lower so you can get closer to the sheep.

Dan 09:32

yep i just read about that. good news

Margaret 09:31

A lovely set of triplets born in thenight

Margaret 09:30

Thanks Dan.. it probably got frost bite

Dan 09:29

good morning, the outdoor camera doesnt seem to be working i am afraid. will try and get it fixed today, if i get a chance

Cindy 09:09


Milly 09:08

Lovely sunny morning though

Milly 07:08

A cold night, last night !

Milly 07:06

Morning all

"B" 04:18

theyve knocked the bucket over , which is just adding to the confusion of finding a nipple!

"B" 04:16

Somthing dark on the floor = maybe the after birth, hope it"s not a lamb that died.

"B" 04:14

Yes three, two are all very dark & one mottled...

"B" 04:04


"B" 04:01

Twins or are there t, can"t tell, the ones I can see are dark coloured.

Lynda 03:09

3 now.....

Helen 00:13

I can see them!

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