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Shoutouts Archive (22nd March 2019)

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22nd March 2019

Helen 22:53

I hope you will all sleep well tonight and that the sheep which haven't given birth will put the deliveries on hold overnight so you can rest.

Margaret 20:06

Goodnight , sleep well

Lynda 20:05

you too g'night

Margaret 20:05

Thanks for answering my question too Lynda. Take care

Margaret 20:05

Oh dear... I can well imagine. I'm feeling a bit like that myself after going to sleep late and being up in the night to see the sheep give birth. Have a good and restful sleep.

Lynda 20:03

iM OFF TO BED NOW mARGARET AS IT SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN A long 24 hours..... as you can tell from the typos... Howard actually put a mug of milk in the cupboard this lunchtime instead of the microwave and wondered why it was taking a while to boil.... .... brain freeze

Margaret 20:02

Yes, her appointment was for two o'clock and she had to wait until 2.30 but she said that she didn't mind having to wait.

Lynda 20:01

really... ? Im glad she saw it then....

Margaret 20:01

Sorry about the third lamb... I should have said ..

Margaret 20:00

She watched on her phone.

Margaret 20:00

Ah right. Linda was watching the birth this afternoon and was made up that she saw it. She was actually in the hairdressers and was so glad that she had to wait for her appointment so she could watch Lambwatch.

Lynda 19:59

only two that survived unfortunately

Margaret 19:56

I'm glad she is okay... it looked a bit serious just looking at the camgrabs. Did she only have twins? I thought she looked big enough to have been carrying triplets.

Lynda 19:54

yes she is ok Margaret thanks but as a precaution, we have given her some calcium and vitamins just to make sure she is not going short

Margaret 19:49

Is the sheep okay that gave birth this afternoon? Just been looking at the camgrabs .

Susan 18:00

Sorry about caps.new pc.

Susan 17:58


"B" 17:40

Yes I looked , it is earlier today the second birth was very quik at 4.06.

"B" 17:36

Hello, I saw both births last night & noted the times on the shoutout page , if you go back you could find the , if I remember the first was about 3.15 & the second about an hour later.

Helen 17:16

Wobbly explorers!

Helen 17:15

The lambs are up by mama's head, one dark, one white. They are behind the haybale from one angle, but on the other camera you can see them both, quite healthy looking and on their feet.

Helen 17:14

No, just two, that I saw. I missed the first birth but watched the second. Shortly after that Howard put up the railings and she and the two lambs are in there.

Susan 16:53

Did the ewe have triplets this pm? one thats in the shippon near the hay cage

Helen 16:29

A very curious ewe looking at the newborns, and wondering why she can't have some of her own. Just wait, lass. They're coming!

Helen 14:38

Time to do a little housework, here! Wonderful to be able to watch all these and to see our LW friends (I mean the people, but the sheep, too.)

Margaret 14:31

Time for a cuppa ....

Helen 14:30

Love the image of Howard just sitting on the bale of hay.

Margaret 14:29

Yes, he could... didn't think of that

Helen 14:28

He may be trying to get the lambs attached to their first breakfast.

Margaret 14:28

I think he's checking whether there is any milk coming through or he could be checking her tum for anymore lambs.

Helen 14:27

Howard seems to be checking.

Margaret 14:24

Maybe not...

Margaret 14:17

This sheep was so big, she might have a third one...

Helen 14:16

I think maybe that's my first live birth - I always miss them.

Margaret 14:16

Dan has stopped the pics rolling... great. So good to see the second one born

Helen 14:15

It's a dark one and quite lively. Good sign.

Helen 14:14

Here's the second one - just shook it's little head.

Margaret 14:13

If you go to the Showcase and click on the last picture you can see the lamb just after it appeared.

Margaret 14:12

Missed the actual event by a few seconds but the lamb looks quite lively

Helen 14:09

Another coming.

Helen 14:08

Howard and Lynda both!

Helen 14:07

Missed the whole thing - trying to sort out new fridge! Will be there be another?

"B" 14:05

New lamb!

Helen 13:41

The ewe has a friend who's longing a bit helpless about this process!

Helen 13:39

There's Lynda.

Margaret 13:39

She's been star gazing which means she's pushing (I think)

Helen 13:38

Yes, you're right - she does look close to lambing. Panting and restless.

Helen 13:37

Found the pics, Margaret! They are lovely wee lambs. Thanks for the tips. I had the page enlarged, and didn't see the links at the top when I looked for them.

Margaret 13:34

One sheep is looking close to lambing.... near the wall

Helen 13:33

I can see one of the new babies inside the enclosure. All quiet. Now to check for pictures.

Margaret 11:30

Hi Helen, my pic is okay now. Go to Gallery and click on Camgrabs Showcase or go to Camgrabs to see all of the pics.

Helen 11:27

Mine's fine here but it's several hours later than Margaret's post. Could someone help me to find Camgrabs - just the recent saves, so I can see the new babies? I've forgotten where they are on the page. thanks.

Margaret 09:16

I did before and again just now but it is still saying no signal...

Susan 09:11


Margaret 09:06

Good morning... no signal

Debbie 08:58

Good morning

Cindy 08:57


Milly 07:09

Morning all

"B" 05:14

The lambs have lusty voices. Guess I should be off to bed...

"B" 04:54

04.38.30 here is Howard to check on the situation, He's not getting much sleep..

"B" 04:30

I guess I'm the only person watching - albeit half a world away!

"B" 04:22

Hope she didnt lay on the first one...

"B" 04:13

Mum is attending!

"B" 04:13

Birth #2 @ 04.06.30

"B" 04:04

Baby has figuared out where the food is...

"B" 04:03

lamb is standing while mum gives it a clean up.

"B" 03:52

Birth @ 03.12.30 . I guess Howard was watching as he was there a minute later. The ewe is fussing over baby...

Helen 02:12

Off to bed for me. Guess I won't see this. Good night, girls.

Helen 01:36

She does sound like a steam engine, huffing and puffing.

Helen 01:32

She is panting. I can see her, and she's looking straight into the camera.

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