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Shoutouts Archive (21st March 2019)

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21st March 2019

Helen 23:55

Good. I didn't mean close up company, but the sense that some of them were around close by. Poor lass.

Dan 23:55

If she’s lambing she won’t want company but she can see her mates through the rails and can smell them too so she’ll be fine

Helen 23:52

Poor ewe - I hope she has company.

Helen 23:50

Ahh- got her penned in.

Helen 23:49

There's Howard now putting up railings. Maybe this is an effort to control the amount of space she's moving around in?

Helen 23:46

No lambs yet? She's taking her time. Hope she's OK, but I'm sure you've got an eye on her..

Dan 23:41

She sounds like a steam engine puffing away

Dan 23:25

night night

Margaret 23:23

Okay Dan.. thanks.. night night...

Dan 23:22

good idea Margaret. I will put the camera back on full cycle.

Margaret 23:22

Night night Lynda.. sleep well without any interruptions...

Lynda 23:22

night night both ... hopeit goes straight forward in the night

Margaret 23:21

I will take my Kindle up with me and watch for a while longer...

Dan 23:20

yeh me too

Lynda 23:20

i think Im off to bed.... could be ages yet and Im getting ti ti

Dan 23:20

sat sittin

Lynda 23:18

she has gone into 14 shippon

Lynda 23:16

come on missis ... get into view properly

Margaret 23:15

Oh yes... just about saw that

Dan 23:15

o eyup

Margaret 23:14

She is only just out of view by the sound of it

Dan 23:14

i may be imagining it but can i see a hoof right at the bottom

Lynda 23:14

best had

Margaret 23:14

I'll leave it to you

Dan 23:14


Margaret 23:13

It's your call Dan.. stay and hope she comes back into view or see how the others are doing..

Lynda 23:13

spose Id better have a peep in through the door

Margaret 23:13

She's taken her lamb with her

Dan 23:13

now what

Margaret 23:11

She's shy

Lynda 23:11

the only Daley Blind spot

Lynda 23:11

looks like it

Dan 23:10

haha Margaret is right - she's gone to a spot where no cameras can see

Lynda 23:10

where the divil has she gone ?

Dan 23:09

shes off

Lynda 23:09


Dan 23:08

peeking out from behind the boose

Lynda 23:08

where this time ?

Margaret 23:07

Occasional pawing

Dan 23:07

oh look she's had another.

Lynda 23:06

mmmmm could be a while then yet

Margaret 23:05

I've not seen any star gazing yet

Lynda 23:04

has she pushed at all yet ?

Lynda 23:04

lol... looks very perky for a newborn

Margaret 23:02

I had sore eyes looking for the lamb then...

Dan 23:02

in theb ottom right corner behind the board

Lynda 23:02

eh ?

Margaret 23:02

good one Dan.. lol

Dan 23:01

oh, she's lambed

Lynda 23:00

spose I should but really would like to see the first lamb out safely

Margaret 23:00

These sheep are teasing us..

Dan 22:59

u goin to bed mother or what

Margaret 22:59

Bedtime Lynda?

Margaret 22:58

Wow, that is a lot ....

Lynda 22:58


Dan 22:57

Not this year Margaret, as the only time we did get them scanned, he got 70% of them wrong :

Margaret 22:56

Did you have the scan like you did previous years to see whether there were singles, twins or triplets?

Margaret 22:55

Hehe.. I gathered you meant the others Lynda..

Margaret 22:54

It's heads up we need... nose pointing upwards

Lynda 22:54

the other girls I mean, Margaret.... not you !

Dan 22:54


Dan 22:54

much the same as this = very little activity.

Lynda 22:53

big , fat and slow Margaret >>>>

Margaret 22:53

How are the other girls?

Lynda 22:53

stoopid boy !

Dan 22:52


Lynda 22:52

have we had any pushes yet ooorrrrrrrrrrrr

Dan 22:52


Margaret 22:51

Hehe... it's the anticipation...

Lynda 22:51

the inactivity is like watching paint dry

Margaret 22:50

Her body language says otherwise Dan.... animals are psychic I reckon...

Dan 22:48

I don't think she can tel;l she's being watched that number in the bottom by the camera doesnt seem to work either

Lynda 22:48

she is quite a big sheep so she should be ok

Dan 22:47

if her lambs have as fat a head as hers ... :

Margaret 22:47

Maybe she doesn't like an audience

Lynda 22:45

mooch about till the early hours

Lynda 22:43

probablyshe has been mooching about all day and will probably do the same tonight,,,

Dan 22:42

i dont know why they do that. I just refersh the page when they go weird like that

Margaret 22:42

Comments are on repeat....

Dan 22:41

waiting for the butch sheep to get on with it

Dan 22:41

yes mother

Lynda 22:40

you still thereDan ?

Margaret 22:40

I don't think they're listening Dan..

Dan 22:39

I will have a word, Margaret

Margaret 22:37

Well, I'm watching Question Time as well as watching the sheep so hopefully she will produce her baby before the programme finishes..

Dan 22:36

is she going to get on with it or have us hanging all night

Margaret 22:36

Thanks Dan.... and thanks Helen... good poem and I could understand it.. hehe

Dan 22:34


Dan 22:34

Hi Margaret and Helen - I think the link is there but the website didn't parse it properly. here it is: www.bbc.co.uk/northyorkshire/voices2005/glossary/barrie_rhodes.shtml

Helen 22:24

Oh, dear, let me see if I can find it. Oh, I see the problem - well, it is at least 10 years old, maybe more. Let me see if I can send you a printed version.

Margaret 22:09

I tried the link Helen but it said 'page not found'

Helen 22:08

Margaret, here is a Yorkshire dialect poem about the 'coyle hoyle', [link] by a friend of mine.

Margaret 21:55

Someone busy?

Dan 21:53


Lynda 21:52

off to have ten minutes with Ben now... will see whats happening when I get back... Howard is watching from in here now

Lynda 21:51

Meg and Meg oil didnt sound right

Lynda 21:50

it used to be the pig oil but we got upmarket when we got K

Dan 21:49

how come we have meg's house then?

Margaret 21:49

Ah... I see.. thanks Lynda

Lynda 21:48

we have the coil oil, the wood oil, the hen oil, the pig oil etc....

Dan 21:48

it's where we keep the coal, Margaret

Lynda 21:48

the coal is kept in there

Lynda 21:48

its dialect Margaret, for the coal hole

Margaret 21:46

Why is it called the coil oil... it's a peculiar name

Lynda 21:46

she has taken herself into the coil oil on her own

Margaret 21:46

I was just thinking whether she could get here from where the others are..

Helen 21:45

It looks like something's happening!

Dan 21:45

have u separated her off or has she made er own way into the coil oil

Lynda 21:44


Dan 21:43

this one with all the coil in ?

Lynda 21:43


Lynda 21:43

I think the butch shep is lambing in new 7 shippon

Dan 21:37

is this one lambing?

Helen 19:07

And meanwhile, those lazy ewes in the barn sit and sit and sit, and munch and chew and sit some more. Girls, get with the programme!

Susan 15:37

There are still people walking on the beach at 2-36am as they are 11 hours in front of England,

Helen 15:19

Oh, that's a hard choice, but I think I would take Yorkshire, having walked on Bondi Beach (in the winter, which didn't appeal much!)

Susan 14:49

Mind I am watching Bondi Beach as well makes me very undecided where I would like to be

Susan 14:48

Makes you want to be in a field somewhere in Yorkshire,Gods own County

Helen 11:36

Good morning. That's a lovely green scene.

Cindy 09:09


Debbie 08:57

Good morning

Milly 07:37

Morning all

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