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Shoutouts Archive (20th March 2019)

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20th March 2019

Gradon 23:00

With putting the other sheep in rhe same field this afternoon,has tired them out of lambing tonight!

Helen 21:51

From the picture, they don't look very interested in your request. Just lying around doing nothing but wait,

Margaret 20:58

Haha.. thanks for trying Dan... not sure that they will comply but they're trying their best

Dan 20:57

I had a word with the ewes this evening and requested they lamb at 9pm tonight. 3 minutes to go.

Helen 19:29

Ha ha, indeed!

Milly 17:19

Haha Helen ,enjoy ๐ŸŽ‚

Helen 14:29

Thank you for your birthday greetings, both here and on Facebook. I'm telling myself that 80 is the new 60.

Helen 14:28

I can see the special sheep getting acquainted with their indoor space.

Gradon 14:23

Isee we have new residents in the barn

Margaret 14:01

That would be good. Thanks Dan... bye for now

Dan 14:01

Enjoy, thank you Margaret. Fingers crossed for some lambing action soon

Margaret 14:00

I'm off into the garden now to take advantage of the sunshine... thanks for chatting Dan. I hope your family are doing well...

Dan 14:00

hehe yes they are settling down now, the novelty of the new space has worn off.

Margaret 13:58

They're playing round and round the garden now

Margaret 13:57

Very good. They are all well looked after.

Dan 13:56

and she's as fit as a fiddle.

Dan 13:56

Our oldest ewe is 11 years old (Flame)

Dan 13:55

its unusal for commercial sheep to make it to that age, simply because they are no longer commercially viable. That's not so much of an issue for us. With the rare breed sheep, they can go on and on and on, well into their teens.

Margaret 13:53

Some of them look really big...

Margaret 13:52

Awww poor girl... Wow,, we were talking the other day about the age the sheep get to..

Dan 13:51

those big sheep are going on 10 years old

Dan 13:51

Yeah i know which one you mean - keep thinking she's lambing as she sits in a funny position, but we think she sits like that because she's actual arthritic

Margaret 13:50

There is one sheep with a long tail.. she always likes to lie near the wall on the right

Margaret 13:48

Oh yes, I see him... just in time..

Dan 13:48

gone again, lol, oh i am sure he'll be back

Margaret 13:47

The way the cam has been set in this area has been good at night... we can see most of them...

Dan 13:47

can you see, on the bale by the big red door - on the left hand side of the view with the circular feeder

Dan 13:47

he's back again lol

Dan 13:44

oh he's gone now, legged it

Margaret 13:43

Is it that one in the corner (right hand)

Dan 13:43

he;s still there

Margaret 13:43

Oh I missed that... too busy reading the comments.

Dan 13:42

i like how one shetland is cowering on the bale, gaining a height advantage

Dan 13:42


Margaret 13:42

I watch tv and watch the sheep... one eye on each... it's a clever trick..

Dan 13:42

That dark one is a beggar isn't he. He's the offspring of a ewe who also has a bit of an attitude lol

Dan 13:41

i will suggest 9pm, after coronoation street

Dan 13:40

anytime before 11pm, ok noted

Dan 13:40

If those borerays got loose in the trees we'd never get them back lol

Margaret 13:40

haha... if only we could stipulate a time... anytime before 11.00 p.m. would be great.

Dan 13:40

only for an hour or so, then we will be loading them into the trailer and off to their fresh pasture (it's on quite a remote field, nearer the village) We have to transport them in the trailer otherwise we'd lose them in the trees

Margaret 13:39

How long will these sheep be in the barn?

Margaret 13:39

Awww thanks Dan..

Dan 13:39

lol, what time would be best for you? i will have a word: P

Dan 13:39

I am confident you will get to see something Now you've told me you look in every night i shall try to make sure they are on view!

Margaret 13:38

Not too late though

Margaret 13:38

Yes, I remember that they are more likely to lamb at night... here's hoping

Dan 13:37

If they lamb during the day, i suspect dad will leave them outside. But, quite often, sheep are programmed to lamb at night as it's safer.

Margaret 13:37

... then we will miss the event.

Margaret 13:37

I hope we see them when they are indoors. We are wondering if they might lamb outside.

Dan 13:36

As i think dad will be prefering to bring them indoors over night, its easier for him to keep an eye on them.

Margaret 13:36

The rare breeds are a hardy crowd.

Dan 13:36

Well one day you will get lucky!

Dan 13:36

Those poor sheep are very laden. Lolloping about, huffing and puffing.

Dan 13:35

Aww bless

Margaret 13:35

Linda and I have been watching your mum and dad's sheep every evening hoping that they will have their lambs..

Dan 13:35

If we have any issues with any lambing, they are brought inside until they are strong, but touch wood, we havent had any issues with the rare breeds yet (they are less inclined to have issues as they are a smaller more primitive sheep)

Dan 13:34

Even last year with the beast from the east, they stayed outside. I just had to put a small cover hut over one ewe when she was lambing on easter sunday and it was snowing like crazy. they were all fine.

Dan 13:33

With our rare breeds, they stay outside all the time inless the weather is really really hurrendous (which it hasn't been - as there is shelter outside and they use if it htye need it)

Margaret 13:33

Yes, it does, thanks Dan.

Margaret 13:33

It's good that the weather is good this week

Dan 13:33

hope that makes sense!

Dan 13:33

if the weather is good, and they are healthy lambs, they go straight outside

Dan 13:32

If the weather is bad they stay inside until they are strong enough to be outside i meant.

Dan 13:32

With mum and dad's sheep, they are kept indoors until they are strong enough, unless the weatheris good, in which case they are put in the fields with the trees.

Margaret 13:30

How many are already born?

Margaret 13:29

Where are the new borns kept... I don't see them when the pregnant mums are in the barn

Dan 13:28

They are - it's getting a bit frustrating for mum and dad.

Margaret 13:28

The ladies in waiting are certainly hanging on to their babies..

Margaret 13:27

It's interesting to see the interaction.

Dan 13:26

Yeah - they will be the shetlands. It's the borerays that are the instigators really. They are top dog and are just reminding the others of it in this new situation,

Margaret 13:24

There are a few that are not having a mooch .. the quiet ones..

Dan 13:22

Not really. They are very rarely brought indoors.

Margaret 13:22

Are they not used to being indoors?

Dan 13:21

A bit of argie bargie going on

Dan 13:20

They are aren't they. We are quite pleased. And they have some lovely fleece as well.

Margaret 13:14

They are a good looking lot

Dan 13:13

yes these are the wether lambs from last year. They are in transit and will be moved to a fresh pasture this afternoon (to get them out of the way of the pregnant ewes )

Margaret 13:08

Are these your rare breeds?

Margaret 13:01

Who are these invaders?

Dan 12:56

Who are these in the lambing shed?!

Milly 10:01

Happy birthday Helen๐Ÿ’

Margaret 09:27

Happy Birthday Helen.. have a lovely day x

Cindy 09:07


Milly 09:03

Morning all

Debbie 08:42

Good morning

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