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Shoutouts Archive (19th March 2019)

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19th March 2019

Dan 21:35

A watched kettle never boils

Helen 18:39

I just read about a ewe that took herself and a companion off to a neighbouring farm to give birth to her triplets. Did the grass look greener there? Anyway, all home, safe and sound.

Lynda 18:26

probably all shutter out at once.....

Lynda 18:26

Indeed .... its like waiting for paint to dry

Helen 16:51

Taking their time, aren't they?

Lynda 14:32

no new lambs for three or four days now... still 8 to lamb

Milly 11:32

The sheep with its head down,looks soo fed up !

Milly 11:27

Thanks Gradon,how many baby,s are there?

Gradon 11:10

Good Morning, we only have 6 sheep in the lower field, have we had new babes overnight!

Helen 09:27

Good morning. Re: the picture - I think the lambs are pulling the plugs out of the power points, just for fun.

Cindy 09:12


Debbie 08:54

Good morning

Margaret 07:57

The sheep have all sneaked off while the pic was down...

Margaret 07:55

The pic goes off every so often then comes back...

Milly 07:41

Morning all

Helen 00:42

Thanks Dan - all is working fine now.

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