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Shoutouts Archive (18th March 2019)

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18th March 2019

Susan 23:40

The sheep laid down with her head to the floor looks like she will have lambs in the morning.

Margaret 22:05

Thanks Dan...

Dan 22:02

No action as yet

Dan 21:54

Grr no signal, just going out to check, Margaret

Margaret 21:17

We have no signal... how is the sheep doing Dan?

Dan 20:17

Keep an eye on this sheep, she looks like she may be lambing. She's the one sat next to the gate

Dan 20:09

i try to only enable the angles that have something to see.

Dan 20:08

ive made it 20 seconds per view

Dan 20:08

It's ok, i've set it to 10 seconds per angle, rotating. What would you like it to be? 30 seconds? problem with having it too long is if there is something happening on another angle, you may miss it

"B" 18:49

I agree Helen, the camera shifts are too frequent but it might be an impcise mode of adjusement. As Dan has a farm to run & lambing, fixing our viewing is probably not a priority...

Milly 17:41

Thanks Dan .

Dan 17:13

The camera is back online - please refresh.

Helen 14:02

Well, then, Margaret, I guess it's stuck. I know Dan has been working on it.

Helen 14:01

I get quick glimpses of Hoard's sheep in the pasture and then back to the other pasture but none of it lasts more than the 19 second time limit.

Margaret 13:56

It's been at 9.17 approx... all morning and up to now

Helen 13:16

Just timed it again, 19 seconds the second time, too. Dan made some changes over the weekend, so perhaps things just need to be tweaked a bit.

Susan 13:09

Get the swirly ring all the time.

Helen 12:25

I just counted how long the feed lasts before it is interrupted - 19 seconds.

Helen 11:07

Good morning, everyone. I'm having trouble with the live feed. "And the wheel goes round and round...."

Cindy 09:53


Milly 08:53

Sound back.birds singing

Debbie 08:48

Good morning

Milly 06:08

There's no sound !

Milly 06:06

Morning all

Helen 02:07

They are all tucked in for the night now, dozing if not really asleep.

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